Google Tries To Leave China, Google Sells Nexus One & More

Google Tries To Leave China, Google Sells Nexus One & More

Google Tries To Leave China

Google is “99.9% certain they will close down its Chinese search engine.”  The Chinese government said it wasn’t willing to compromise on their internet censorship policies to stop Google from leaving China.  While Google’s official decision should be coming soon, it will be done slow and orderly.  Google wants to “take steps to protect local employees from retaliation by the authorities.”  Google hopes to continue other operations in china, but the officials fear backlash from the Chinese government might make it difficult.

A group of Google Inc.’s partners in China have sent an impassioned plea to the Internet giant, saying their businesses are in jeopardy if Google closes its Chinese search engine and demanding to know how they will be compensated.

The letter, viewed by The Wall Street Journal, states Google hasn’t given its advertising resellers in China guidance since its announcement in January that it may close its Chinese search site, The letter says the companies have watched their business decline and worry they will be forced out of business if Google withdraws.

Is Facebook Becoming More Powerful Than Google?

According to the latest HitWise analysis, Google’s lost its crown as the most-visited Web site in the U.S. last week. The new king of Web site traffic is, of course, Facebook. In the future, technohistorians may marvel at this event.  Facebook has overcome Google by .04%; Google’s 7.03% and Facebook’s 7.07% share of average weekly market share.

Facebook is now in a position to leverage those user visits to seize control of the online ad-placement business from Google – advertisers will begin to do the math and work out which site will get their ads in from of more eyeballs.

All clients should have a Facebook Profile pages, not just a Group pages.  Groups will not pop up on the Google search engine where a Facebook page is public information!

Google Starts Selling Nexus One In Competition With The iPhone

Google  has started selling a version of its Nexus One phone that runs on AT&T’s 3G network, putting it in direct competition with Apple’s iPhone. AT&T has minimal involvement with the new Nexus One. The carrier isn’t selling or subsidizing the phone, so it’s only available for Google at full price $529.

Dana Redfield

Rocket Clicks Staff


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