Driving Qualified Client Leads for a Family Law Firm

See how we helped a family law firm increase their new potential client leads by 25% within one year through a location-based strategy.

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Sterling Law Offices came to Rocket Clicks looking to scale their business by driving new clients to their firm. See how we helped beat their YoY growth revenue goals and drove new clients to their firm.


Improving Online Reputation

Maintained and boosted online reputation by:

  • Building a review process from initial post lead consult through project completion to help gauge client satisfaction.
  • Creating ongoing 6-month reviews after consult to boost online reputation consistently.

Maximizing Ad Performance

Eliminated wasted ad spend and maximizes ROI by:

  • Implementing a tiered paid search strategy by bucketing keywords in categories.
  • Ensuring spend was allocated properly to higher intent keywords.

Scaling Qualified Client Leads

Boosted qualified leads and decreased CPLs by:

  • Optimizing Google LSA performance.
    • Audited every phone call,
    • Disputed unqualified calls
    • Improved the call script to qualify leads.

Building Local Presence

Improved local maps and organic rankings by:

  • Improving website CRO
  • Creating location-specific pages
  • Optimizing and verifying GMB profile listing
  • Implementing high quality citations. 


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