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If you're currently paying a marketing agency or making other financial investments to improve your website's performance, you can add those costs to your 12-month revenue target to estimate what you'd need to break even.


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If customers make purchases directly on your website without the help of a sales team, enter 100% as your input here.


Enter the average amount of revenue a new customer brings to your business over a 12-month period.

You can calculate this by dividing the total revenue you collected over the past 12 months and by the number of customers you have.


Enter your website conversion rate — the percentage of website visitors that convert into leads.

You can also enter a goal conversion rate here to see how improving this metric could impact your website traffic goals.


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Note: Because this calculator relies heavily on assumed data, your results should be taken as a rough estimate. No two visits to your website are the same — and there are many other factors that impact these numbers.  

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