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Adgooroo Advertising Insight

While most agencies cave in to pressure to use short term tactics for quick-but-short-lasting results, Rocket Clicks understands the importance of long term, principle-based strategies to build a solid and secure foundation for growth. They’d much rather lose a client than sacrifice these principles and I respect that wholeheartedly.

The Rocket Clicks team executes exceptionally well. Put simply, they do what they say they’re going to do while maintaining good communication with the client. And perhaps more importantly for your long term success, Rocket Clicks provides you with the strategic input you need to help take your business to the next level.

Last, Rocket Clicks is data driven and scientific, and provides an excellent reporting structure to give you complete visibility into what they’re doing. But they also understand the human element of business and do not rely on robotic algorithms alone to make critical marketing decisions.

I’d trust them with my wallet and I recommend you trust them with yours.

Richard Stokes
CEO - Adgooroo


The process they have in place to bring on a customer was very impressive and effective.

They took the time to understand our business, our competitors, and what the rest of our marketing strategy looked like. They spent time not only with our Marketing department but also Sales and our General Manager — to ensure they understood the business from different perspectives.

Their responsiveness was impressive; this was the case at every level of the organization regardless of who you were working with. We have a solid PPC plan in place that is driving tangible business results and a website that is optimized as a result of this relationship…thank you Rocket Clicks, I’m happy to be a reference anytime!

Tiffany Scheibe
Global Marketing Director - TEKLYNX

Racine Danish Kringles

On both sides (SEO and PPC) your very thorough, which is refreshing to see. A lot of organizations do good work, but not a lot provide great numbers and insight to back it up. This is perfect!

Brian Carmody
President - Racine Danish Kringles

Info-Pro Lender Services

If there ever was a team to trust with your PPC management, these are the guys. My advice? Grab your spot before they change their minds.

Perry Marshall
Marketing Manager - Info-Pro Lender Services

Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords 1

I never would have realized how much of a goldmine there is in all of our keywords and how much we could be doing to learn more about our customers *before* they buy from us and streamline their learning process. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Bryan Todd
Co-Author - Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords

Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords 2

[About Rocket Clicks results] This is SWEET — we are getting good qualified leads now and not so many frivolous middle of the night tire kickers.

Garry Cain
Co-Author - Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords

Rose Author Systems, Inc.

I have personally trained the Rocket Clicks staff on the most effective, search engine friendly methods of link building. I have also consulted with them regularly for several months to help them continue to learn and apply the best tactics to their Link Publicity clients. The team recognizes how over time links create a reputation for your site, and they are protective of that reputation. Having them work on your link building campaign is a can’t miss.

Eric Ward
Owner - Rose Office Systems, Inc.

Etiologic Link Strategist

The professional relationship we established with Ben and his team over the term was what you would want an agency to provide. They were committed to working and improving our digital campaigns and would have weekly reports to show updates, improvements, scheduling and benchmarks.

William Altherr
Etiologic* Link Strategist - National Geographic,, WarnerBros, The New York Times, and the launch of

The Rocket Clicks team was very communicative and well organized.

With Rocket Clicks’ help, organic search traffic improved by 8% at the beginning of the first quarter. The client also began to rank well for their primary keywords. The team followed an organized workflow, communicated well, and managed tasks efficiently. They resolved issues along the way, too.

Director of Marketing
Titus Talent Strategies

Rocket Clicks is worth the money for their SEO services.

The client has seen an increase in their website traffic and an improvement in their search engine positioning thanks to Rocket Clicks’ work. The team is very organized, and they always keep the client informed. Clients can expect a dedicated, communicative, and constantly available partner.

Global Marketing Director
Organization Design Firm

We definitely get a return on what we invest with Rocket Clicks

Rocket Clicks has helped the brokerage increase their market share, generate leads, and gain a competitive edge over competitors. They go above and beyond to deliver the best results possible. Responsive and knowledgeable, the team manages the engagement well through monthly calls.

Lake Country Flat Fee

Their ability to adapt our program to analytical changes has been impressive

Rocket Clicks has used data to increase performance, leaving the client very pleased with their work. Their commitment to continuously re-evaluating parameters and optimizing the campaigns drives results. The team communicates seamlessly and maintains strong project management capabilities.

Warehouse Lighting

The thing I am most impressed about Rocket Clicks is that they actually feel like an extension of our team

Thanks to Rocket Clicks’ efforts, the stamping company continues to welcome new customers, reach new quotation levels that they haven’t seen before, and experience positive ROIs. The team’s workflow is effective. They conduct weekly meetings to touch base and they are responsive.

Winco Stamping

I’ve been most impressed by how empowered the analysts are in decision making

Rocket Clicks’ efforts generated a 30% increase in leads and increase rankings on various keywords. Their team’s communication and workflow was impressive. They were extremely responsive and transparent with all the details.

Director of Business Development
Productive Meeting Company

Since we started working with Rocket Clicks, we’ve felt like we were in highly-skilled and dedicated hands

As a result of the SEO and advertising work performed so far, incoming leads have increased across several targeted categories on multiple platforms. The Rocket Clicks team is highly responsive and communicative, prioritizing understanding their client’s business in order to maximize results.

Marketing Manager
Capital Heating & Cooling

The team I have is very attentive and knows what they are doing

Since the partnership began, conversions have increased. Lead generation aligns better with internal business objectives. Rocket Clicks excels at collaborating with other teams. They’re responsive, accessible, and highly knowledgeable.

Marketing Manager
Habush Habush & Rottier

Their eagerness and willingness to understand our business really sets them apart

The services provided by Rocket Clicks have exceeded project stakeholders’ expectations, going beyond SEO management to assist in developing more effective branding strategy in the face of unexpected difficulties. Their team is organized and very communicative, ensuring all projects stay on track.

VP Marketing

We’ve improved in every industry-recognized metric since hiring them

Rocket Clicks is organized and communicative, holding regular meetings to make sure they’re meeting project expectations. They took time to understand unique business nuances and implement customized solutions to improve digital presence.

VP of Digital Strategy
Bon Voyage

Rocket Clicks is persistent and always ahead of the curve

The team delivered content that went far beyond getting clicks, it yielded high percentages of conversions. Rocket Clicks was able to understand the thinking of potential clients, adding value to the firm. They devoted senior resources to optimize the quality of this full-scale solution.

Watton Law Group

We value their results-driven mindset and the robust, detailed reports that match

The updated and improved site has experienced a substantial jump in visitors, and the internal team is satisfied with the results. Rocket Clicks’ independent approach and willingness to take the lead has made them an easy partner in the multi-year engagement.

Marketing Manager
Midwestern Financial Services Company

Their accountability and expertise set them apart from similar vendors

Rocket Clicks consistently delivers exceptional results. Website traffic, mobile device access, and requests for online screenings have increased significantly as a result of their work. Their team is devoted to performing above and beyond project expectations.

VP of Marketing & Communications
Rogers Behavioral Health

Rocket Clicks successfully increased awareness of our services among our targeted audience

Rocket Clicks helped increase qualified leads through effective digital strategizing and advertising. Their data-driven approach and responsiveness sets them apart. Their focus on achieving client goals makes them easy to work with, strong partners.

Marketing Manager
Healthcare Staffing Firm

Their willingness to go the extra mile really sets them apart from anyone else in the field

Rankings have improved in several search engine components, including general search and map features. Rocket Clicks is communicative, attentive, and always available. They offer a flexible contract and are dedicated to reaching business goals.

Gjesdahl Law

We’ve seen an incredible turnaround in organic search, PPC inbound traffic, and leads

Performance in important metrics – organic and paid search and leads – have improved. Aside from stand-out project management, Rocket Clicks prides itself on idea-realization, shepherding solutions from conception to implementation. Their separate PPC and SEO teams set them apart in the industry.

VP of Marketing & Brand
Health & Self Care Company

They take proactive steps to keep our projects on track and push us if necessary

Their efforts improved SEO trends by 20% annually and cemented a top spot for company-specific searches. Online forms now generate 40% of leads, an increase of 25%. Rocket Clicks’ organized, proactive team keeps projects on schedule and they’re flexible enough to adjust strategies when necessary.

Loan Consultant
Accunet Mortgage

Rocket Clicks has helped us use our resources wisely and get high-value donations

Rocket Clicks’ work has increased donations and their average value by more than 10%. Although the team doesn’t have a deep knowledge of the nonprofit industry, they proposed a fair price and maintain clear and open communication. They solve problems quickly and deliver results on time.

Marketing & Communications Manager
Homeownership Nonprofit

Rocket Clicks [achieves] good conversion-cost ratios

Rocket Clicks meet key performance targets of a fivefold increase in conversions across the campaigns they run, maintaining excellent conversion-cost ratios. They are extremely responsive to all queries and ideas from clients and communicate daily with the whole team.

TRK Creative

As a result of our work with Rocket Clicks, we’ve seen a lift in all our online traffic and lead generation programs

Rocket Clicks delivered results with personable service and professional expertise. They were honest and transparent, and they genuinely worked for the client’s best outcome.

Global Marketing Manager
Financial Planning Software

Rocket Clicks brought down our cost per acquisition by over 30%

Rocket Clicks brought down cost per acquisition of new clients by 30%. They have delivered over a 2.0 return on investment with constant improvement.

Digital Marketing Manager
Medical eCommerce Website

I don’t think that we’d be in business without Rocket Clicks

Rocket Clicks has made strong suggestions leading to a 40% increase in sales. They easily prove a positive ROI and communicate regularly and clearly.

Furniture Retailer

They stay up to date on all the changes in everything that goes on with Google and Bing

Rocket Clicks has helped the client grow sales by about 30% and drop the bounce rate in half. They are in constant communication with the client to improve results.

Copper Product Retailer

They really came alongside us as a team and are partners in our growth

Over the years, Rocket Clicks has managed to exceed ROI expectations. They deliver weekly reports and have taught the in-house team about call tracking, internet sales, and even SEO best practices.

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