Bing UI Changes, Facebook Fan Pages Become CRM & More

Bing UI Changes, Facebook Fan Pages Become CRM & More

Bing Makes More UI Changes, Adds Foursquare Functions

Bing will be integrating status data from Foursquare into its Bing maps as an app. Also, search results pages will be more focused with a range of new navigational elements meant to gauge search intent better, causing Bing and Google to diverge more than ever.  Bing Director Stefan Weitz said their goal is to differentiate as much as possible from Google and that Google is focusing on gathering the entire world’s information while Bing is focused on delivering knowledge based on a user’s intent. The user interface changes most affect search categories of celebrities, auto and travel, with the most noticeable change for auto, which is much more visual almost like an informative brochure.

Facebook Fan Pages Evolve Into CRM Channels For Big Brands

The benefits of using social media as an outlet allows business to diffuse bombs before they blow like Dominos recently, they use them as branding tools making their fan pages fun like Skittles and Coca-Cola, or they use them are CRM outlets to answer concerns customers may have.  The concept of a fan page can help drive and promote campaigns at a low cost like the Discovery Channel’s Life campaign as they used the social media to develop a high touch fan page to promote its upcoming show.

European Court Of Justice Rules With Google

European courts ruled that Google has not infringed on trade mark law by allowing online advertisers to bid for keywords corresponding to competitor’s trademarks.  Some companies want to limit competition by not allowing their competitors to bid on their trademarked keywords, but European courts have ruled that Google can allow advertisers to bid on trade mark keywords of competitors in Adwords.

Google & China: What You Need To Know

Google decided to reroute its Chinese users to a search site in Hong Kong that is not censoring search results  How long this site will remain functional is yet to be seen since it is violating China’s censorship policies.

Go Daddy Draws The Line In China is following Google’s shot heard round the world regarding China.  They are no longer offering new .cn domains due to the Chinese government’s new policy requiring photo ID for internet registrations.

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