What Agencies Don't Want You To Know

Are you curious how digital advertising agencies operate?


Account Manager vs. Advertising Expert


Have you ever wondered if you’re speaking to an account manager or an actual digital marketing expert working on your account? Agencies have a tendency to put account managers as the point-of-contact on your advertising account. These are basically a glorified sales rep, which won’t provide the necessary insights to ensure your marketing efforts are aligned with your business goals and exceeding KPIs. 


  • Who is my primary point of contact?
  • What experience do they have in digital marketing?
  • Do they have any advertising certifications?


Client to Strategist Account Ratio


Is your agency dedicating enough strategic focus to your business? Client-to-strategist ratio matters for a successful partnership. Too often agencies overload their strategists with a large number of clients resulting in little to no time to strategically think about your business. You should be a top priority for an agency, not just another number for their books.


  • Who is my advertising team?
  • What is the current client-to-strategist ratio for my advertising team?


Set It and Forget It vs. Regular Audits


Some agencies adopt a “set it and forget it” approach, which means they audit your marketing initially and set up initiatives to support your goals, but then never touch your marketing initiatives or strategy again. How does this impact your business? This approach might work well initially, but your marketing efforts will eventually become inefficient, not meet goals, and won’t align with your long-term business goals. 


  • How often are our campaigns audited and optimized?
  • Do we have monthly quality assurance checks in place?
  • Are there quarterly strategic initiatives to drive our success?

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Strategic Vision

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After exhaustively analyzing your customers, their searches, and how they spend time online, we use strategic targeting to maximize your online sales while minimizing wasted ad spend.

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