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Learn How We Grew a Law Firm From $0 to $16,000,000 in Annual Revenue

Grow Your Business ROI

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Scalable PPC Marketing

We provide scalable PPC solutions designed to eliminate wasted spend, maximize return on ad spend, boost your qualified lead pipeline, and ultimately meet your business ROI goals.  

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Build Local Presence

Our local SEO and PPC solutions will make your business stand out when customers are searching locally in maps and the search results page, meaning your business is seen when it matters most.

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Real-Time Strategy 

Quarterly strategy meetings focus on your business goals and ensure our strategies align and support where your business is going. Get access to your performance in real-time so you know how your marketing is performing.

Multi-location marketing services tailored to make your business show locally when your potential customers are searching.

Proven Results

+ 25 %
Qualified Potential Clients YoY

Sterling Law Offices came to Rocket Clicks looking to scale their business by maximizing their online presence and driving qualified potential clients. See how we helped beat their YoY growth revenue goals and drive qualified leads resulting in bottom-line revenue for their business.

When a law firm wanted to improve their online presence to larger audience, they turned to Rocket Clicks. Here’s how we helped turn their website into their a powerful lead generation tool. 

"The team at Rocket Clicks is very attentive and knows what they are doing."
Law Firm Marketing Manager

Unlike Any Other Agency

The "Other" Guys

Talk to a Salesperson

You'll just talk about sports and won't get the strategic insights you need to maximize your marketing, wasting your valuable time.

High Team Member to Client Ratio

Each person handles dozens of accounts leaving your business as another number in their books, often becoming a victim to the "set it and forget it" approach.

Unknown Response Time

Everybody is busy keeping you waiting for days for an answer to your important marketing questions, leaving you frustrated.