Bing’s Rise In The Search Engine World, Google And Univision Merge, A Google Caffeine Update, And More

Bing’s Rise In The Search Engine World, Google And Univision Merge, A Google Caffeine Update, And More

Bing Climbs to Almost 10% Market Share

October numbers are in, showing that Bing has gained another half a point putting them at 9.9% of the market share.  Bing has steadily gained 2 points of market share since they launched five months ago, and shows no sign of stopping.  Bing is competing strong, with deals with Twitter and Facebook to index real time data streams, a deal for nutrition and diet data with Wolfgram Alpha, and the constant introduction of new features.

So far, Bing has not made a dent in Google’s market share, which also increased by a half a point in October.  They have, however, been steadily taking away market share from their future partner Yahoo!, who dropped 0.8 percent in a month.

Google and Univision Team Up

Google has struck a deal with Spanish-language broadcaster Univision to make their videos available on YouTube in the coming months.  Under the agreement, Univision will provide YouTube with short clips and full-length programs from its three networks, Univision, TeleFutura and Galavision.

Univision will use Google’s content tracking technology to monetize Univision content uploaded by YouTube users. YouTube is striving to make their site more advertiser friendly by carrying professional content in addition to user-generated videos.

Google Caffeine Update

Google’s Matt Cutts has recently stated in his blog that we could expect Google Caffeine, their new technology that improves the indexing infrastructure, after the holidays.  Google spokesman Anthony House stated that the reason for waiting until after the holidays is because they “know that for lots of webmasters the holiday period is extremely important, especially if they are in any way retail-based.

We don’t want them to have to worry about it in the lead-up to the holidays”.  Caffeine will only be going live at one datacenter so they can continue to collect data and improve the technology, meaning that only a small percentage of Google’s users will benefit from the technology behind Caffeine in their regular searches.

By Jessica Manganello
Paid Search Staff