Driving Leads for a Rebranded Business Software Client

A client specializing in virtual meeting software for a niche B2B market wanted to overhaul their brand and service offerings to reach a wider customer base. Here’s how we leveraged paid media to maintain online traffic and leads and maximize the positive impact of the rebrand. 

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The Challenge

When a client let Rocket Clicks know their B2B software company was planning a major brand overhaul, we knew we’d need to be proactive in order to minimize losses in brand awareness, visibility, and leads. 

The overhaul included revamping the brand’s visual identity, changing the business name, and expanding its target audience and core service offerings beyond its established niche. 

While we knew a temporary dip in online visibility and brand awareness was to be expected, our goal was to strategically bolster brand awareness through paid media to minimize recovery time and prevent loss of traffic related to the rebrand. 

Our Work

To achieve our goal of maintaining traffic and visibility throughout the rebrand process, we updated our paid media strategy to focus on building brand awareness in the client’s expanded target market while educating existing customers about the rebrand. By doing so, and utilizing Google’s machine learning, we were able to reach their target audience more effectively within a short period of time, ultimately driving bottom line results. 


When life throws you lemons you work with Rocket Clicks to make lemonade. In July of 2022, when we were faced with pivoting our marketing channels and growing a PPC & SEO presence after building a successful well known brand, we turned to Rocket Clicks for help. We were afraid, we were in a panic, we were cautious of who we could trust. Taking a deep breath we leaned into our friendships and experiences with a trusted team.

We knew from working with the RC team through the process of nurturing and building our legacy brand the RC team would be best positioned to help us come up with creative and innovative solutions to maintain and grow a new brand. They know our audience and know our team's mission and purpose. The RC team became true partners in helping us stay at the top of the search engine lists and our brand awareness didn't suffer as negatively as we expected.

The teams at our company & Rocket Clicks dove in and optimized what we had and created a path forward that alleviated my Integrator fears of losing market share. They did GREAT! Communication was awesome, partnership, fun, friendship, trust, empowerment, were all present as we navigated new waters. The team has become a trusted advisors as we continue to navigate the ever changing PPC, SEO environment.

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