Leveraging a Software Company Rebrand to Generate Leads

Tasked with redefining their market presence, a provider of cutting-edge business-to-business (B2B) virtual collaboration tools sought to broaden their reach and invigorate their brand. Discover the role that our paid media campaigns played in sustaining and generating leads while amplifying the benefits of their new brand image.

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When a software provider came to us with plans for a sweeping brand overhaul, we knew proactive measures were needed to guide them through this transition. Their rebranding sought to modernize perceptions after years of catering to a narrow niche. The company’s goals included revitalizing visual branding, renaming the company, realigning website messaging for an expanded audience, and venturing into new service territories beyond their previous offerings. While we knew a temporary dip in online visibility and brand awareness was to be expected, our goal was to strategically bolster brand awareness by rapidly reconnecting with and educating both existing and new audiences about the software company.


Building Local Presence

Our approach to sustaining traffic and visibility amid the rebrand centered on a two-pronged strategy: intensifying brand awareness within the client's broadened market and concurrently informing existing customers of the brand's evolution. With the help of a solid content strategy plan, they were set up for success.

Maximizing Ad Performance

Leveraging Google's advanced machine learning capabilities, we meticulously refined their paid search campaigns. Our data-driven adjustments enabled us to target emerging audience segments with precision, while re-engaging loyal users with tailored messaging that clearly communicated the company’s expanded capabilities.


The rebranding initiative marked a pivotal moment for the software company, and the results were striking. Through Rocket Clicks’ strategic paid media campaigns, we successfully navigated the brand through its transformation, achieving not only a seamless transition but also a notable growth in lead generation. The rebrand didn’t compromise lead quality or quantity; instead, it expanded the company’s reach and solidified its presence in the B2B tech space.

The real triumph was in how the company’s new identity resonated with its audience, reflected in increased engagement and an uptick in inquiries from potential customers. Our targeted advertising efforts paid off, producing a clear, demonstrable return on marketing spend that is reinforced by the value of our partnership. With Rocket Clicks, a rebrand can be an opportunity to reinvigorate lead generation and redefine market presence.

"In the 2.5 years our SaaS firm has been working with Rocket Clicks, our digital leads have increased by about 300%."
Megan Mayfield, Director of Marketing, Bloom Growth

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