Yahoo AdReady for Display Marketing

Yahoo AdReady for Display Marketing

If you are into display marketing or are thinking about it, Yahoo offers one of the best platforms in terms of usability.  Yahoo calls this platform AdReady and can be found at .  Inside AdReady, you can personalize your own display ad using one of there over 5,000 templates they have created.  Instead of browsing through 5,000 templates, they offer a “business category” section where you can look for specific display ads that are targeted to your audience.

View Your Individual Display Ad  Statistics With Ease

The most impressive feature is that next to each of their templates, they show statistics for each individual display ad for the past 90 days.  These statistics include impressions and the click through rate.  All the display ads can be sorted by these statistics to find the best performing display ads.

Yahoo Makes Customizing Your Display Ads Easy

Once you choose which template you would like to use, you may customize the text, images, colors, and add your own company logo.  This customization feature gives you the ability to make the display ad represent your company in the same way you do with other marketing initiatives.

Another option you have with AdReady is to upload your own image ads that you created.  The upload option is very simple and takes only a few clicks to complete.  Once you have your ads ready, you are ready to choose where your ads will be shown.

Yahoo AdReady offers 2 publishers where your ads can be displayed: Yahoo Network and Right Media.  The Yahoo Network includes all the web pages inside of and other sites such as: eBay, Forbes, Fox news, and Major League Baseball.  Right Media is the largest global exchange with more than 120,000 active global buyers and sellers and roughly 9 billion transactions pass through the Right Media Exchange every day.

Once you have your ads uploaded and have picked the areas you would like your display ad to show, you are ready to go.  It is a very simple process which only takes a few minutes, but can dramatically increase your impressions on the internet.

Bottom Line

Yahoo does a great job of walking you through the entire process of creating your display ad and placing it on networks that if you have little to no experience in display advertising, you should not have a problem.

By Dan Zuzanski

Paid Search Analyst