Industry Update for November, 30th 2018

Industry Update for November, 30th 2018

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Google Hides Search Results for Some Queries

Google has started hiding full search search results and only displaying direct answers for queries on mobile devices using the chrome browser that involve time, calculations, and unit conversions. Google does provide a “show all results” option underneath it’s pop-up direct answers if you’d like to see the websites related to your search. This may affect clicks for some keywords. Source: Search Engine Journal

Google Counts Conversions for Calls from Location Extensions

Calls from Google Ads location extensions can now be counted as conversions as long as account-level call reporting is enabled. By default, calls will be counted as a conversion after 60 seconds. In addition, call and message reporting is being added to the main extensions tab in Google Ads, so users can see how individual extensions are driving results from phone calls and messages. Source:Search Engine Journal

New Instagram User Profiles

Instagram is rolling out a redesigned user profile.

Instagram Says:

“Your profile is where you share who you are on Instagram, so starting today we’re testing ways you can better express yourself and more easily connect with the people you care about on your profile.”

Expect to see features re-arranged at the top of your profile including changes to icons, buttons and the way you navigate between tabs. The goal is to make profiles easier and cleaner to use. Source:Search Engine Journal

Google Creates New Partnership With Disney

Google has formed a new global strategic partnership with The Walt Disney Company, which will allow Google to serve ads across Disney properties including: ABC, ESPN, Marvel, and Pixar. Advertising channels will include live streaming and direct-to-consumer content offerings. For marketers, this means an unprecedented opportunity to get their ads seen by some of the largest audiences in entertainment and sports. Source: Search Engine Journal


Top 3 Reasons to Audit Your Website’s Internal Linking

  1. Internal Linking Signals Page Importance to Search EnginesThe more we link to our most valuable content, the more we instruct search engines that this is our most important content.
  2. Internal Linking Funnels Users to ConversionInternal linking isn’t just about SEO. It is the medium that delivers a landing page visitor to a successful site conversion. For every site objective you have, you must design an intended pathway to your objective.
  3. Internal Links Help Search Engine CrawlingHTML and XML sitemaps are a great way to help search engines navigate your site but, your internal linking will either help search engines move quickly through your important site content or seriously confuse them.

Source: Search Engine Journal

How to Get the Most Out of a Single Video for a Campaign

When video content is limited, TrueView for Shopping campaigns is a great option because it showcases products while the video ad is running and after the ad is completed or skipped. These ads will boost product awareness, and may also get viewers to buy products right off of the video ad. When selecting the products for the TrueView campaign, it is best to choose a custom label from your shopping feed that will automatically update products on a consistent basis. Also be sure to exclude people who may have recently seen or interacted with the ad. This way your campaign will routinely show new products to a variety of new users, and extend the life of a single video ad.

Source: Joe Martinez, Search Engine Land