Industry Update for November, 16th 2018

Industry Update for November, 16th 2018

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Domain Properties in Search Console

As Google looks to migrate more features from the old Search Console to the new one, Google is rethinking how properties should be organized. The new domain property will include the domain, any subdomains and subpaths for both http and https. Users will only have data from when the subdomains were created in Search Console or when the Domain Property was created. This experiment feature is currently by invitation only. Source: Google Blog

Google Released New Metrics to Address Limitations of Avg. Position

Google now has metrics that expands on the ad position metric. The “absolute top” is an ad that shows first in the search results and the “top” is an ad that shows above the organic search results. The new metrics are impression percentage for absolute top and top positions and search impression share for absolute top and top positions. These metrics are available to view at the campaign, ad group and keyword level. Source:Search Engine Land

Updated PageSpeed Insights Tool

The new PageSpeed by Google tool uses Lighthouse for its analysis. It breaks up a page by field data compared to Chrome User Experience Report, lab data metrics and performance scores, and opportunities on how to improve performance and how much time each fix could save. The report also includes more specific diagnostics at the bottom and what audits your site did pass. Source:Google Blog

Bing Ads Has Updated its Competition Tab

Bing’s updated competition tab has a new audience insights default view that shows how your impression share has been trending against the competition. You can also use the dropdown to see other competitive trends like overlap rate, average position, and outranking share. They have also updated their recommendations section that shows suggestions to improve performance against the competition that are derived using machine learning. Some of these recommendations include bid adjustments, device targeting, new location targeting, and adding similar keywords. Source: Search Engine Land


SEO Trends that Matter

Search Engine Land gives tips on the trends that matter in SEO. Mobile first indexing was introduced in March. Crawl your site as Googlebot-Mobile to better understand how search engines see your site. Track your mobile pages’ loading speed with PageSpeed Insights, and check usability errors in Search Console. At Pubcon, it was announced that Google uses online brand mentions in its algorithm. Reputation, trust, advertising and complaint-solving matters with brand mentions. Track your brand online using an SEO tool. Source: Search Engine Land

Tips for More Efficient YouTube Keyword Research

When marketing on YouTube, it is important to perform good keyword research in order to find customers and find the gaps where your competition isn’t already outspending you.

Tip 1. Leverage free YouTube keyword research tools. Use these tools to see the keyword search volume, cost, and competition level.

Tip 2. Install Chrome Plugins for Competitive Research. See what tags, thumbnails, and titles work well for your competitors, see what they’re missing and where you can capitalize.

Tip 3. Use Autocomplete to Find Long-tail Keywords. Type a keyword into the YouTube search bar to see what some of the most popular long-tailed suggestions are.

Source: Brad Smith, WordStream