Industry Update for December 21st, 2018

Industry Update for December 21st, 2018

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WordPress Vulnerabilities Discovered

WordPress released 2 updates to fix multiple vulnerabilities. If you have WordPress 5, you should update to 5.01. If you want to remain with WordPress 4, you should update to version 4.9.9. The update may cause backward compatibility issues with some plugins and themes, but it will prevent your site from being hacked. These vulnerabilities affect versions 3,4, and 5 of WordPress. Source: Search Engine Journal

Conversion Bidding in Display Campaigns

Google has announced the availability of conversion-based bidding for display campaigns called “Pay for conversions”. With the new bidding options, advertisers are charged when users convert from the ads rather than for ad clicks or impressions. Similar to Google search campaigns, advertisers that want to pay by conversion set a Target CPA in the Bidding section of campaign settings. Your account must have more than 100 conversions in the past 30 days to be eligible for pay for conversions. Additionally, the time between click and conversion must be shorter than 7 days for at least 90 percent of those conversions. Source: Marketing Land

Instagram New Live Video Features

Instagram is bringing new features to its Live videos. Users can now respond to questions in videos with music. Tapping on a viewer’s response will play the song. There are also new camera effects that will respond to the music being played. Questions chosen by the streamer will be shown on-screen, so viewers can see which questions are being answered. Questions can be asked on the Live user’s story before and during the Live video. Users will also be able to share photos and videos from their camera roll to their live video. Source: The Verge

Bing Removing Data from Share of Voice Report

Bing Ads has decided to remove data from the Share of Voice report, saying it’s no longer needed after introducing the competition tab. Starting in March, Bing will be removing impression share lost to ad relevance, IS lost to expected click through rate, and IS lost to bid. The columns remaining are Impressions share, IS lost to budget, and IS lost to rank. Source: Search Engine Journal


Migrating a Website Checklist

A site migration is an opportunity to optimize your URL structures and reorganize the URL folder more logically. Consider which URLs you will use with www or non-www and trailing slash or not. Consolidate similar categories in your navigation and decide which pages will be migrated over. Make sure the pages that have backlinks, are ranking well and are bringing the most traffic to your site are being migrated. Create a redirect list, and after migration, crawl your site to make sure there are no broken links. Also, update your sitemap in Google Search Console. Source:Vertical Measures

Remarketing Tactics to Mitigate Post-Holiday Waste

  1. Blocking Remarketing Audiences – Consider creating smart remarketing windows that block out major holidays like Black Friday and Cyber Monday to keep 1-time gift purchasers from polluting your remarketing audiences.
  2. Upcycle Valuable Holiday Traffic for Other Milestones – If you created specific audience lists to capture holiday shoppers, you can use them to create lookalike audiences to use during other holidays throughout the year.
  3. Improve Seasonal Inventory Management – Segment audiences at the product-level and run ads for upsells and add-ons to what they purchased to maximize that visitor.
  4. Nurture One-Time Buyers Into Loyalists – Hone in on transaction size or high-value holiday purchasers. You can also look at non-purchase actions, such as emails, birthdays, or interests. Use this information to tailor your messages during other gifting seasons or promotions.

Source: Megan Taggart, Search Engine Land