Industry Update for January 15, 2016

Industry Update for January 15, 2016

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Google’s Panda Algorithm Now Part of its Core Algorithm

In a statement to The SEM Post, Google announced that its Panda algorithm would now be inserted into its core ranking algorithm. Previously, Panda was a spam filter applied separately after the core ranking algorithm. Google has denied rumors that this move means that Panda will begin operating in real time, so while this is a significant change, many in the SEO community don’t expect it to have a huge effect on the search results. Source: The SEM Post

New Google Ads in Yahoo Search Results

Recently, new Google AdWords ads have been appearing in the sidebar of the Yahoo search results. These new ads include sitelink extensions and reviews and also appear to be much wider than your standard sidebar ad. Experts believe this test is due to Google trying to increase their revenue as well draw more attention to the ad heavy search results. Source: The SEM Post

Search Console May Show Duplicate Titles Even when Pages are Canonicalized

It’s no secret that the data in Google Search Console has never been 100% accurate. One new example of Search Console’s flawed reporting is its tendency to mark the titles of pages with rel=canonical tags as duplicate. However, Google’s John Mueller explained that if rel=canonical tags are applied appropriately, this issue should only be temporary. Source: Search Engine Roundtable

Different Colored Stars Tested in AdWords for Reviews & Ratings

Google has recently been testing different colored stars for ratings: this time a lovely shade of teal. This test replaces the usual orange stars for all local knowledge panels, ratings, and reviews. Although Google typically likes to test new colored stars, they usually return to the standard orange/yellow. But, should these tests continue, you may see your paid search ads being a little more colorful in the near future. Source: The SEM Post

“Driving Mode” Feature Now Available to Google Maps Users on Android

Earlier this week, Google released an update for the Android version of Maps. This update, called Driving Mode, uses your home and work addresses along with your current location, location history and search history to predict destinations for you. According to Google, this feature will allow users to “get where [they’re] going on the quickest route possible – without entering a destination.” Source: VentureBeat

Additional Commentary

Tips for More Effective Ad Copy

Samuel Edwards shares his three best tips for improving and creating more effective ad copy. Edwards recommends clearly defining the goal of your ad by asking yourself what makes your product/service better than a competitor’s. Additionally, the author urges you to focus on making an effective headline, since 80% of your success relies on it. Finally, you can make your ad as clickable as possible by showing benefits, being credible, or playing on emotions. Analysis: Samuel Edwards, The SEM Post

Why Grave Misconceptions about SEO Still Exist

Although SEO has been around for well over a decade, Jayson DeMers suggests that many business owners and the general public still have reservations when it comes to its validity in the marketing world. DeMers argues that many people don’t quite understand what SEO actually is and what it’s used for. For instance, he claims that people perceive SEO as “a fad or a temporary strategy”. He also thinks that SEO as a strategy is misunderstood and that people think that stuffing a page with keywords or creating a few new pages is all that it takes. Analysis: Jayson DeMers, Search Engine Land