The Key to Lucrative Link Building: Quality, Not Quantity

The Key to Lucrative Link Building: Quality, Not Quantity

If your business is focusing on full-blown link building efforts, there’s a few things you need to know—especially if the number of links you’re getting aren’t producing the results you hoped for.
While many link building services offer measurable monthly links as part of their services, you should know that the bulk of those links are commonly produced by off-shore link building farms at low cost. The result: A vast number of low-quality, unsubstantiated links that don’t actually produce results. So while the number of links coming in on a monthly basis may appear to justify the cost, the truth is that those links are often flagged as spam—thus yielding zero ROI or worse.

Less Equals More When It Comes To Link Quality

When it comes to backlinks and solid link juice that’ll actually impact your positioning in the SERPS—quality trumps quantity. Here’s why: Link Publicity (i.e. merit-based link building) uses high-level strategy and research to obtain the most authoritative links to point back to your website. The more authoritative the links (despite the quantity), the stronger the link juice, which is especially important considering that search engines like Google now possess increasingly sophisticated web-crawler algorithms.

Anyone can spam a weblog with links, but not everyone can draw in the vital, hard-to-get .com,  .edu and .gov links that truly make your site stand above the rest. To build these types of links, you need to put in the time and effort; you need to make connections; and you need to think about your link building as a PR initiative rather than a stockpile of monthly link numbers to present to your CMO.

Margaret Quinlan

Knowledge Manager & Link Maven

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  1. ToddJir

    I have been telling people this for years. So has Eric Ward. The best thing about building quality backlinks is, you can sleep like a baby at night.

    Just take the approach of hard work one time and it can live forever. Build crappy links and you will always be worried.

    Work hard once and be rewarded.

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