Google Warns Of Faulty Redirects, New Search App Receives Large Funding, Bugs In Structured Data Report, & More

Google Warns Of Faulty Redirects, New Search App Receives Large Funding, Bugs In Structured Data Report, & More

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Google Warning Users Of Faulty Redirects On Mobile

As an ongoing effort by Google to push sites closer to being mobile-friendly, Google Webmaster Tools will now notify you if any of your site’s pages are redirecting users to your homepage when browsing from a mobile device. Users can find these notifications in the Smartphone Crawl Errors section of Webmaster Tools.

Source: Search Engine Watch

Multi-Functional Search App Receives $8 Million In Funding

Redpoint Ventures is leading an $8 million investment in Vurb. Vurb is a new search app currently in private beta that brings information together from multiple apps. Vurb’s goal is to eliminate the independent silos of hoping app to app and bring back “surfing the internet.” Vurb’s goal is to continue growing and become a top contender in the mobile search space.

Source: Search Engine Journal

Mobile Ad Revenue Nearly Doubles Globally

In a recently released IAB report it was found that 2013 mobile ad revenues were nearly double year over year on a global scale. This rapid growth was mostly driven by driven by display and search ad units. Although $19.3 billion is a small part of total internet advertising, the rate of growth is quickly passing the total growth rate.

Source: Marketing Land

Bugs Found In Google’s Structured Data Report

Many webmasters noticed a significant decline in structured data elements being shown in the Structured Data report within Google Webmaster Tools. Google has acknowledged the issue and is currently looking into it. The error appears to be widespread so webmasters should not be too concerned as it will likely be fixed promptly.

Source: Search Engine Land

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Notable Commentary


Why You Can’t Hide From Mobile PPC

Eric Couch from Search Engine Land has recently posted an article stating why mobile PPC is a must for PPC. He provides arguments for four common reasons to not run mobile PPC ads.
Analysis by: Eric Couch, Search Engine Land

Consumers Reject Lowest Common Denominator Native Ads

In a recent post on Marketing Land, Peter Minnium discussed the wide variety in quality  that native ads are starting to have. He describes what makes lowest common denominator (LCD) native ads so bad and how advertisers can do it right.

Analysis by: Peter Minnium, Marketing Land

The Triumphs And Tribulations Of Autocomplete

Search engines are continuously tweaking their algorithms to better root out spam and other black hat search engine manipulations. Still, their treatment of autocomplete remains unrefined. Chris Sliver Smith of Search Engine Land explains how autocomplete can both hurt and help businesses’ online efforts and offers up some tips for ensuring your experience is the latter.

Analysis by: Chris Silver Smith, Search Engine Land

An Open Letter To The New SEOs

With this coming year marking the 20th anniversary of SEO, Jenny Halasz of Search Engine Land has an open letter to the SEOs of this new era explaining what SEO is and what it isn’t in a changing online landscape.

Analysis by: Jenny Halasz, Search Engine Land

What happens When You Like Everything On Facebook

What would happen if you liked everything you saw on your Facebook Newsfeed?  Mat Honan of Wired bravely went where no man has gone before and did just that. What happened? Basically, your Newsfeed becomes one long series of advertisements and Buzzfeed articles.

Analysis by: Mat Honan, Wired