Twitter Has Its IPO, AdWords Changes Its Terms & Conditions, Bing Just Wants You To Give It A Chance, & More.

Twitter Has Its IPO, AdWords Changes Its Terms & Conditions, Bing Just Wants You To Give It A Chance, & More.

This Week’s Industry News

Compiled By Rocket Clicks Staff

New, Better Performing Campaign Type For Search And Display

This week Google released a new campaign type to replace the old Search and Display type campaigns. The new campaign type, Search Network with Display Select, extends the reach of search campaigns and offers better results on the display network. It does this by using improved signals and methods of predicting when and where your ads are likely to perform best. Initial tests show that on average advertisers could see a 35% higher CTR, and 35% lower cost per purchase.

Source: Inside AdWords Blog

Google Takes Its Tracking Into The Real World

In an attempt to prove that their mobile ads do work, Google is beta testing a program that uses smartphone location data to determine when consumers visit stores.  The store visits are then connected to searches conducted on smartphones and any ad that may have been clicked. This type of location data has been collected by Google for years, but is now being put to use.

Source: Digiday

Facebook Drops The Thumb

Facebook introduced its new “Share” and “Like” buttons this week, replacing their iconic “thumbs-up” symbol. They will now be using their logo to accompany the words “Like” and “Share” on their buttons. However, you can sleep well knowing that the thumb isn’t completely gone; users can still see it when displayed by the number of Likes.

Source: Marketing Land

Changes To AdWords Terms & Conditions

Google has rolled out new terms and conditions for AdWords users in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. Updates include new adverting products and services such as third party ad serving. Users will have 45 days to accept the new terms; if they don’t, ad serving may be paused.

Source: Inside AdWords Blog

Google Brings Local Search To Digital Displays Across London

In more Google news, Google has implemented a new marketing experiment in London called “Google Outside”. They have put up electronic displays that offer local search information for various attractions, businesses and entertainment that change periodically based on weather conditions and other variables.

Source: Marketing Land

Algorithm Update Rumored

There’s a fair amount of chatter among webmasters that Google may have tweaked its algorithm in late October / early November. Google hasn’t confirmed anything yet, but several webmasters have reported changes in the SERPs for branded and non-branded queries as well as image searches. Only time will tell if this is a significant change to the algorithm.

Source: Search Engine Roundtable

Google Search App For iOS Gets Smarter

This week Google announced an update to the Google Search app for iOS devices. Among several new functionalities is the ability to set a location-based reminder such as, “Remind me to mail the checks when I get home”. You can also ask the app to alert you when your favorite band comes out with a new album. The “OK Google” prompt is used to access many of the new features, undoubtedly an integration of the command from Google Glass.

Source: Google Inside Search Blog

New Image Mismatch Penalty

If images on your site don’t match what Google is indexing and displaying on search results pages, you may be in line for Google’s latest manual action penalty. The image mismatch penalty may be administered site-wide, or it may only affect certain pages. The culprit may be either deliberate cloaking, or using hotlink protection techniques to prevent users from stealing images without authorization.

Source: Search Engine Roundtable

Speed Suggestions Now In Google Analytics

Google Analytics has a new report called “Speed Suggestions”. The dashboard displays Pageviews, Average Page Load Time, Page Speed Suggestions, and a Page Speed Score. Clicking on the Page Speed Suggestions sends webmasters to Google Developers Page Speed Insights, which provides detailed recommendations for how to improve page load times on both desktop machines and mobile devices.

Source: Search Engine Roundtable

French Courts Order Google To Censor Images

Former Formula One president Max Mosley won his case against Google in a French court Wednesday despite the search giant’s vehement protests. The French court has ordered Google to remove nine less-than-flattering images of Mosley taken at a 2008 orgy from its image results for the next five years. To adhere to this order, Google says it will have to develop a new software filter.

Source: Search Engine Land

Bing Wants You To Give It A Shot – Just One Shot

Bing is really pleading with people to give it a chance.  If you search for Google at Bing, a large black call-out box appears informing you that “in blind tests, people preferred Bing to Google for the web’s top searches”. Some have called for Bing to label these self promotions as ads and questioned the ethics of the move given the fact that many companies are sued for bidding on competitors’ branded terms.

Source: Search Engine Land

Facebook Mobile Referrals Up More Than 250%

Traffic to websites from Facebook’s mobile app was up approximately 253% year-over-year in September 2013 according to a study by social media sharing company Shareaholic. The announcement comes after Facebook reported its third-quarter earnings last week which showed mobile ads accounted for 49 percent of its $1.8 billion third-quarter advertising revenue.

Source: Search Engine Watch

Twitter’s IPO

Twitter had its IPO yesterday. Twitter initially stated it would offer its stock at as low as $17 per share. Demand was so high for the 70 million shares being offered that Twitter eventually proved itself at $26 per share.  Shares started the day at an even higher $45.10, kicking off what would become a very successful opening day on the New York Stock Exchange.

Source: TechCrunch


Notable Commentary

That’s Always Helpful


Study: No. 1 Position Doesn’t Always Get Highest CTR

A recent study from Search Engine Watch questions the share of clicks position one gets in paid search results. While on the Google search network position one gets higher CTRs, CTRs on Google partner sites spiked at position four and five. Jessica Lee discusses the surprising results as well as how they came about.

Analysis by: Jessica Lee, Search Engine Watch

13 Metrics Every PPC Report Should Have

Attract, Engage, Convert, Renew.  These are wise words to live by when working in the PPC world. This article from Search Engine Watch describes the life cycle stages of advertising along with their coinciding metrics.

Analysis by: Noran El-Shinnawy, Search Engine Watch

What Is Big Content And Why Does It Matter?

After apologizing for creating yet another content marketing catch phrase, Dr. Pete from Moz explains how “big content” goes beyond the typical content buckets that we think of: blog posts, infographics, videos, etc. While big content doesn’t actually have to be big (confusing, right?), it’s a gold mine for user engagement and it also raises a barrier to entry for competitors.

Analysis by: Pete Meyers, Moz

Think About It Before Accepting Guest Posts

Accepting guest posts on your blog can be a great way to expand your audience and cover topics that you may not be an expert on. But there are some elements of accepting guest posts that you should consider before diving in. Amanda DiSilvestro provides several useful recommendations.

Analysis by: Amanda DiSilvestro, Search Engine Journal

Who Will Google Helpouts Actually Help?

This week Google officially launched Helpouts, a marketplace where people can seek out personalized tutoring, mentoring, and coaching services via live video. While the new service will undoubtedly help by connecting countless users with yoga instructors and cookie decorating consultants, Chris Taylor at Mashable argues that it may already be driving the value of these skills into the ground.

Analysis by: Chris Taylor, Mashable

Interesting Link Building Ideas For Less-Than-Interesting Industries

Let face it, some industries just aren’t as interesting to the general populace as others. Often that translates into a scarcity of link building opportunities. But have no fear! Nate Dame at Search Engine Land offers up some creative ideas for getting links when there is a lack of blogs or other relevant websites within your vertical.

Analysis by: Nate Dame, Search Engine Land

How Organic Search Changes Impact PPC

With above-the-fold visibility for some organic queries approaching zero in Google as well as the Hummingbird algorithm update, SEOs have faced a few major changes over the past several months. And while these changes have certainly reshaped the SEO landscape, Josh Dreller at Search Engine Land explains how these developments impact PPC too.

Analysis by: Josh Dreller, Search Engine Land