Yahoo! & Microsoft Search Alliance Detailed

Yahoo! & Microsoft Search Alliance Detailed

The Yahoo! and Microsoft search alliance is a major initiative between the two companies to create an alternative, yet competitive choice in search for their advertisers and consumers. With combined forces, it will assist both companies with advancing the pace of innovation to enhance the search user experience, the results advertisers receive, and improve the monetization possibilities for partners.

When the entire process is officially implemented, both companies will continue to have different consumer search experiences, although Microsoft will manage the actual technology platforms that deliver the algorithm and paid search results. This means that the actual search algorithm will be powered by Bing and the paid search platform will be powered by AdCenter.

When it comes to how each company will support its customers, Yahoo!’s sales team will exclusively support high volume advertisers, SEM & SEO agencies, and resellers and their clients. The Microsoft side will only support self-service advertisers.

How Will This Affect Traffic Volumes?

The estimates are that the search ad inventory from Yahoo!, Microsoft, and their partners will be combined into a new unified marketplace, which will give advertisers the ability to access a combined audience of 561 million worldwide. This is quite a jump and is approximately 62% more search volume then on Yahoo! alone.

Time Frame For The Transition

Yahoo! and Microsoft will be working closely with advertisers, publishers, and developers on customized plans designed to make the transition as efficient as possible. The transition of algorithmic search has a set goal of being complete in at least the U.S. by the end of Q4 this year. Both companies are very respectful in the fact that advertisers will need to be successfully transition well before the 2010 holiday season, in order to not interfere with any holiday traffic potentials. If it is determined that they won’t be able to effectively complete the transition before the 2010 holiday season, then it will be delayed until early 2012.

Some Key Notes In Regard To The Migration

  • Premium clients will be served by Yahoo!.
  • Standard clients will be served by Microsoft.
  • AdCenter will be updated per the usual schedule, once in May-June and once in August-September.
  • Don’t pause in your efforts on the Yahoo! platform, as the migration may need to be pushed off.
  • Now is a great time to test offerings, ads, and keywords while the markets are smaller.

Many tools and resources are available out there to help guide advertisers with the process of moving their campaigns to AdCenter, here’s a list of a few:

The most important things you can do right now to prepare yourself is to continue to monitor the emails, blogs, and material out there in regards to the migration. Secondly, start becoming an expert with the AdCenter Desktop, API, and everything that’s involved with the AdCenter Platform.

Jerrold Burke

Paid Search Manager


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