Why client-to-analyst ratio matters to your marketing partner

Why client-to-analyst ratio matters to your marketing partner

We don’t brag about many things at Rocket Clicks, but a key differentiator that drew me to this agency is our low-client to analyst ratio.

This is our secret sauce – it’s why you call your agency a vendor, not a partner… we will gladly tell the world about it because it’s a big issue in digital marketing that NO ONE is talking about.

The average analyst at Rocket Clicks works with 3 or fewer clients. That absolutely BLEW MY MIND! I didn’t fully comprehend the importance of this metric and how it is one of the big keys to growth for our valued partners. But wait. Why is this so important? Buckle up, because it’s storytime.

A marketing journey to remember

A quick detour into my professional experience:

I’ve grown up in the agency world. Prior to coming to Rocket Clicks, I had an average client management load between 45-55 clients. Yeah, you read that right. One single person was in charge of the digital success for north of 50 businesses.

Here’s a list of all the things I got *really* good at:

  • Putting out fires. I was extremely reactive and not able to plan/strategize
  • Revolving door of clients. Retention wasn’t a priority as we were trying to manage as many relationships as possible instead of partnered relationships.
  • “Cookie Cutter Strategy.” Since we had so many clients to manage, I wasn’t able to develop customized strategies and actively grow.

This was a recipe for failure.

The Rocket Clicks Way

Fast-forward to the present-day & things have turned around.

Did I mention the average PPC and SEO analyst works with 3 or fewer clients at Rocket Clicks? I couldn’t believe it either. When I first started working here, I wondered how I would fill all of my time since there was this major gap in clients I was used to working with.

Let me tell you what I started to find:

  • I was able to LIVE in the accounts. I was so well equipped to bring our partners opportunities for frequent growth!
  • Our partners are sticking around. Our average client retention is 1¼ years. When our partners win – we win.
  • Communication became conversational, instead of transactional. Conversations became collaborative, transparent, & timely. Read more on the 4 Reasons of Marketing Partnership Communication.

What Should You Do With This Information?

If you’re currently working with an agency partner in any capacity, ask them, “How many client relationships are you currently managing?” I’ve been on both sides and can tell you that I’m able to work as a partner with all of my clients since I’m able to LIVE in their business.

If you’re looking for a transparent digital marketing agency with a low-client to analyst ratio – I know where you can find one.

Ray Sawvell

Ray is a Digital Advertising Manager at Rocket Clicks. He has been managing PPC Accounts of all sizes for the past 10 years. When he's not working - he enjoys spending time with his family.