A Look at Our Company Values in Action

A Look at Our Company Values in Action

One of the ways we keep ourselves on track here at Rocket Clicks is by creating individual action plans. These aren’t just your average task lists: their purpose is to help each team member grow their abilities in both their roles here and their everyday lives. Upon recently reviewing each team member’s focus statement for their coaching sessions this past quarter, I am one proud VP! Their focus statements are so authentic to each and every one of them, so thoughtfully constructed, clear, direct, attainable and just awesome. They are all are living so firmly in our company values.

Here at Rocket Clicks, we’re more than just a digital marketing agency. We’re a place that prides itself on fostering a learning and growth mindset. Not only do we want our employees to continue growing, but we have a team full of people who want the same thing for themselves. Is there anything cooler than working with people who genuinely enjoy growing into the best version of themselves?!

Our Values in Action

It’s easy to list our values on a website. It’s another thing to naturally live them every day and incorporate them into our relationships with our partners. We always prioritize hiring people who bring their authentic selves to each relationship. So what do you get when you work with one of our rock start team members?


We’re constantly digging deep to spot opportunities for growth. Everyone openly commits to aggressive & attainable growth plans to continue on the path of being the best version of ourselves. What that looks like will be different for everyone. What matters is it allows us to show up for our team and for our partners.

We Reach

Our team doesn’t settle. They recognize that there is always a new way to do something, approach a situation, or tackle a problem. Not only do they recognize it, but they seek it out regularly. They refuse to stay stagnant and proactively prioritize ongoing and continued growth. That’s why they see continual success.

Emotional Intelligence

Feedback can be tough, but our team knows it’s one of the most important gifts we can receive. What we DO with that feedback is what is important. I’ve seen our team time and time again use internal feedback to build plans to address issues and grow in their strengths. Our self-awareness is impressive and it continually makes me proud.

Inspire Confidence

Our team is open, honest, and transparent with each other and with clients. That’s what allows all of us to hold ourselves (and each other!) accountable. We know that there is no trust without honesty, whether performance is good or bad, or we got a win or made a mistake. The focus is always to acknowledge the facts and use them to create a strategy allowing us to continue forward.

We Are a Team

We are better together. Ongoing development plans push us to show up better for our clients, for each other, and for ourselves. If that’s not the formula for success, I don’t know what is.

How does this affect our marketing success?

2021 gave us so many victories: from goals we strategically worked for, to those that were a little more unexpected. The momentum in our company right now is incredible. The team has never been more engaged, enthusiastic and driven. We have new faces that brighten up all the (zoom) rooms. We have energy on the new partner acquisition front with stronger processes and transparency than ever. We have more personal and team accountability that I’ve never experienced on this scale before.

We also experienced some defeat. We exchanged tough feedback that challenged our previous status quo. We took some chances that didn’t pan out the way we wanted and continued to venture into the unknown. Holding each other – and our partners – accountable isn’t always easy. Sometimes it’s scary, and sometimes it’s really difficult. We did it anyway. We never stopped growing.

Looking ahead…

Our leadership team is having big-picture conversations about how we can show up as a marketing firm, an employer, a partner that takes chances. But one of the biggest focuses we have is how we can create more opportunities for our team. The more support they have, the more support we can give our partners.

We continue to deepen our relationship with all of our partners heading into 2022, and our team continues to make it clear why partners choose to work with us in the first place. We are committed to being there for each other: with tools, with strategies, with ideas, or just a helping hand or ear to listen.

We focus on the wins, always. It doesn’t matter how many times our team has felt defeat: we never actually LOSE. Instead, we choose to acknowledge, learn, adapt and grow.

We look forward to winning with you in 2022.