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Ray is a Digital Advertising Manager at Rocket Clicks. He has been managing PPC Accounts of all sizes for the past 10 years. When he's not working - he enjoys spending time with his family.

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Why client-to-analyst ratio matters to your marketing partner

Posted by Ray Sawvell & filed under Company Culture.

We don’t brag about many things at Rocket Clicks, but a key differentiator that drew me to this agency is our low-client to analyst ratio. This is our secret sauce – it’s why you call your agency a vendor, not a partner… we will gladly tell the world about it because it’s a big issue […]

3 Reasons not to Blow Up Your V/TO™ Marketing Strategy During a Crisis

Posted by Ray Sawvell & filed under Client Education.

Rocket Clicks started its EOS® journey in 2015 and it has transformed our business. We are also dedicated to supporting Female Integrator Mastermind to empower and uplift female leaders within the EOS® Community. We’ve been able to take our business to the next level through connecting with the women leaders at FIM.   If you are […]

Looking Forward: Start Preparing Your Company for Post-COVID-19 Today

Posted by Ray Sawvell & filed under Client Education.

Rocket Clicks started its EOS® journey in 2015, and like many of our peers, it has transformed our business to the core. If you are not familiar with EOS, we highly recommend you learn how to get started with EOS here. Our Integrator™, Nicole Mennicke, spoke with Certified EOS Implementor® John LaFontsee on how important […]

Facebook Dark Posts: Building Social Proof for Paid Advertising

Posted by Ray Sawvell & filed under Client Education.

Dark posting on Facebook is a phenomenon that has been around for a while now, but in my experience, is not leveraged by enough marketers. I will be outlining the benefits of dark posting and why social proof from existing ads/posts are useful from an advertising perspective. Enter the world of Dark Posting on Facebook… […]

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