Important Book Reviews: Ultimate Guide To Google Adwords – Perry Marshall & Bryan Todd

Important Book Reviews: Ultimate Guide To Google Adwords – Perry Marshall & Bryan Todd

Perry Marshall and Bryan Todd’s 2nd Edition of the Ultimate Guide to Google Adwords offers plenty of tips and tricks into how first-time Adwords users can utilize it to become successful online advertisers.

Boiling It Down To A Science

One of the first and most important points that this book makes is that Adwords is not defined by theory. It is not an equation that can be balanced and perfected prior to running your campaigns. Marshall and Todd explain that advertisers need to utilize experiential learning when dealing with Adwords. You can never be 100% certain how various keyword, ad, ad group and campaign combinations will work before you launch them. Marshall and Todd quickly tell Advertisers to start with very low daily budgets because you do not want to experiment with thousands of dollars on your first day of the campaign.

Setting Your Budget

They suggest that if it is your first time starting out with Adwords to set a daily budget of $10 – $15. This way it is a low risk of learning quickly where your traffic is going to be coming from, and gives you a window to test out different ads, become familiar with the system, adjust your bid levels, and utilize some of the reports to make adjustments before you invest a large amount of money into Adwords.

Organize Your Account

Before you begin experimenting with some of your own Campaigns on Google, it is important for you to properly organize your entire account. Organization is very, very key to the future success of your campaigns. Proper organization will tell you exactly what is working and what is not performing strongly. Whether it is the Display Network vs. Search Network, Broad vs. Phrase vs. Exact Match Type or global targeting vs. targeting the US only, if you have all of your campaigns properly organized you will be able to know exactly which of those tests are performing strongly for you.

Advertising The Right Thing At The Right Time To The Right Person

At Rocket Clicks, we put so much research and strategic thinking into the initial restructure of our clients’ accounts because we know that the proper organization of all of their campaigns will be the foundation for instant profitability on Adwords. The book offers plenty more insight into some of the more advanced techniques, calculations and features of Adwords, such as Quality Score improvement, value per visitor and secret ad copy tricks that guarantee clicks. You’ll have to read the book yourself to gain that knowledge!

Bottom line: This book is to make sure that advertisers are “saying the right thing at the right time to the right person!”

Nick Haertel

Paid Search Analyst

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  1. Dan Zuzanski

    When I started in Internet Marketing 5 years ago, this was one of the books I read to get a good grip of the industries ins and outs. I recommend this book to anyone who is interested in Internet Marketing.

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