Industry Update for April 8, 2016

Industry Update for April 8, 2016

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Google Search Results Now Alerting Site Owners of Their Non-Mobile-Friendly Pages

In an effort to encourage more site owners to shift toward a mobile-friendly site design, Google has begun showing a line of text that reads “Your page is not mobile-friendly” in the search results. These alerts only show up in the mobile results for the site owners that are logged into the Google account that is connected to their Search Console account. Source: The SEM Post

Bing Ads Launching Editor for Mac

Bing Ads recently announced the release of the Bing Ads Editor for Mac this summer. Mac users have been eagerly awaiting this announcement as it has been one of the most requested features since the platform launched for Windows. The release in the summer is expected to be fully open without users having to opt in to a long term beta test. Source: The SEM Post

Everything Is a Lie: EU Decides Google is Not a Search Engine

After a two year legislative process, the EU has declared that by their own definition Google, Bing, Yahoo and DuckDuckGo are not true search engines. The EU cites the fact that these entities don’t search all websites, don’t index the dark web, and do comply with Right to be Forgotten requests means that they can’t be classified as true search engines. Source: Search Engine Journal

AdWords Testing Green Call Button

A recent ad format being tested by Google is a new variation of the traditional call button. The test replaces the subtle blue call icon with a much more vibrant green button. Experts believe that this variation of the call button is much more attention grabbing, although others believe it’s an advertiser making wise use of their image ad extensions by creating their own call button image. Source: Search Engine Roundtable

Reviews Popping Up in Google’s Local 3-Pack

Google was recently spotted testing the addition of a single, short review or even just a quote to listings in its local 3-pack. As of right now, there’s no way to tell if this will stick, but it’s an indicator that Google may continue to place more emphasis on reviews for local search. Source: Search Engine Land

Additional Commentary

Tips for Display Network Testing

Sana Ansari gives us his expert advice for low-risk Google Display Testing. While he recommends typical maintenance tasks like writing new ad copy and reviewing placement data, Ansari also suggests the use of similar audiences to target those lookalike users who are similar to your target audience. You should also take advantage of in-market segments to target an active segment of users grouped into specific segments by Google. Is it your first time venturing into GDN territory? You can use Display Select Keywords to ease into it since it’s a happy medium between search and display. Analysis: Joe Martinez, PPC Hero

How to Map Keyword Strategy to B2B Buyer Intent

In this B2B-focused look at keyword strategy, author Derek Edmond examines how it can be beneficial to pay attention to the different stages of the buyer’s journey. Edmond claims that if this strategy is implemented properly, it can line up SEO tactics to a client’s sales goals more closely and ultimately create a more positive, long-lasting relationship. Analysis: Derek Edmond, Search Engine Land