Important Book Reviews: Eat That Frog! – Brian Tracy

Important Book Reviews: Eat That Frog! – Brian Tracy

Time management is an issue for many on both a personal and professional level. Author Brian Tracy makes it clear that the important piece of time management and prioritizing is not completing every task (because you never will!) but rather finding the most challenging tasks and getting those done first.

The title of the book comes from an old Mark Twain quote, saying that if the first thing you do is eat a frog, you will do nothing worse the rest of the day. Tracy likens the frog in this quote to the main priority that must be completed each day. And if there happen to be two equally-important tasks, eat the uglier frog, or complete the task that seems most daunting or difficult first.

Once “the frog” has been eaten, the rest of the day will run much smoother.

To help maximize personal productivity, the book highlights a seven-part-method that will help anyone set goals and tasks and get them accomplished efficiently.

  1. Decide Exactly What You Want– a person will not achieve a goal without clarity
  2. Write it Down – thinking on paper will save you time long term
  3. Set a Deadline on Your Goal – even set sub deadlines if necessary
  4. Make a List of Everything You Can Think of That You Are Going to Have to Do to Achieve Your Goal
  5. Organize the List into a Plan – use the 6 P Formula: Proper Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance
  6. Take Action on Your Plan Immediately – don’t procrastinate or actions won’t get finished
  7. Resolve to Do Something Every Single Day That Moves You Toward Your Major Goal

Another main focus to accomplish tasks is to apply the 80/20 principle. This is a common principle which states 20% of one’s activities will actually account for 80% of the overall results. This principle is applied in numerous areas at Rocket Clicks, namely when priorities are set each morning and how to optimize an especially overwhelming pay-per click account.

In the end, you are the key to getting more done in less time. When you understand your own skills, can apply them to a project or task, identify your priorities and time constraints within your own schedule, applying the “Eat the Frog” method will result in success.

There are no better cheerleaders than you, especially when time gets tight and the frogs continue to get uglier. If you can’t motivate yourself to your full potential, then who will?

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Abigail Wolf

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