Groupon Feature Could Help SEO, In-App Advertising Changes From Google, Bing’s Universal Event Tracking, & More

Groupon Feature Could Help SEO, In-App Advertising Changes From Google, Bing’s Universal Event Tracking, & More

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Groupon’s Pages Could Help With Local SEO

Groupon has announced Pages as a way for local businesses to connect with millions of people. Like Yelp, Groupon aims to be the go to source for ratings and tips for local businesses. This provides a local search opportunity for area businesses. While this benefits local businesses, the real winner is Groupon who will be the recipient of more qualified traffic.

Source: Search Engine Land

Google Allows Advertisers to Target Users That Have Made In-App Purchases

Google has announced that they will now be letting advertisers using in-app display ads to target users that have previously made an in-app purchase. This target segment can be set in the targeting options menu under Interests & Remarketing. Google also reminds advertisers to keep in mind that impressions and conversion volume will naturally be lower with a smaller target.

Source: Marketing Land

Universal Event Tracking for Bing Ads

Earlier this week Bing announced that they will be launching a new tool – Universal Event Tracking. Universal Event Tracking will be used to help advertisers by setting and tracking custom goals. This new tool is said to be “setting the stage” for audience based remarketing which is soon to come. It is important to note that Universal Event Tracking will replace conversion tracking functionality offered in Campaign Analytics so your code may need to updated or replaced.

Source: Search Engine Land

Webmaster Tools Identifying Mobile Usability Issues

Google announced the addition of the Mobile Usability feature in Webmaster Tools to help webmasters stay on top of site issues that may hinder users’ mobile experience. Google will collect the data and over time, webmasters will be able to chart their progress toward making the site mobile friendly. Issues being reported include flash content, small fonts, missing or fixed-width viewports, and clickable links too close to each other.

Source: Search Engine Journal

New Treemaps for AdWords Performance in Analytics

A new Analytics report has been released to analyze AdWords performance, which is said to provide advertisers with deep insights very quickly. The Treemaps use colored nested rectangles that segment traffic in a hierarchical way. These reports could prove very useful for the busy advertiser, when looking for areas to focus optimizations.

Source: Search Engine Land


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Google Renaming Columns In Analytics

Google My Business App Receives Upgrade

AdSense Direct Beta To Be Shut Down

Locksmith Sues Google Over Spammy Local Listings

Bing Ads MCC Now Has “Accounts Summary”

Webmaster Guidelines Updated To Warn About Blocking GoogleBot


Notable Commentary


Merging Offline Marketing With SEO

In SEO, it’s easy to focus all your attention and efforts on your clients’ sites. But a successful SEO strategy encompasses much more than technically sound and properly optimized site. On-site SEO efforts need to align with offline and social marketing intitiatives to truly create a successful, and sustainable SEO road map. Casie Gallette at Search Engine Land explains why the big picture matters and how to integrate it into your SEO thinking.

Analysis by: Casie Gillette. Search Engine Land

Continuing to Decode Pigeon 

One thing discovered after Pigeon’s launch was that many larger local brands with multiple locations took a big hit. Andrew Shotland explains a few possible reasons why, including Pigeons struggle with determining what’s a branded query and what isn’t.

Analysis by: Andrew Shotland, Search Engine Land

How to Quickly Get Great Insights from Google AdWords

In a recently posted article, Joseph Kerschbaum from Search Engine Watch discusses how he uses the AdWords Home screen to quickly find areas that need his attention. He describes how to set them up to work for you using saved filters.

Analysis: Joseph Kerschbaum, Search Engine Watch

4 Common PPC Mistakes That Lead to Low Quality Leads

Elizabeth Marsten has posted an article earlier this week that discusses 4 top reasons that your PPC efforts can be bringing in low quality leads. She also offers up some suggestion on how to fix them.

Analysis: Elizabeth Marsten, Search Engine Journal