Bing Adds To Its Market Share, Twitter Gets Hacked, And More

Bing Adds To Its Market Share, Twitter Gets Hacked, And More

Bing’s Market Share

It’s taking market share from Yahoo, not Google.

Microsoft was trending down before Bing, and Bing’s seemingly great strides in spend and traffic share just puts Microsoft at levels it was at in quarter 3 of 2008.

Bing adds back a respectability factor Microsoft was lacking, and that’s what’s most surprising.

Techcrunch’s Coverage Of The Twitter Attack

Twitter’s been in the news because of a hack that compromised data.

A bit optimistic? An interesting tidbit, earlier this year Twitter projected their revenue for this quarter at $400,000, followed by $4 million in the following quarter.  Projections for the end of 2013: 1 billion users, $1.5+ billion revenue.

Danger! Twitter’s hack was dangerous because users of internet services have given up on memorizing distinct passwords and use the same password for several services.  Hack a Twitter password and you may also have a Gmail or Yahoo mail password, etc.

Yahoo Search Pad

Does your search activity online operate as extended research?  When it does, would it be helpful to take and store notes?

If you’re logged in with your Yahoo ID, you do just that with Yahoo’s Search Pad product.

from the industry update of Jered Klima, Paid Search Manager