Nuggets From Our Internet Marketing “Industry Update” – Week 45

Nuggets From Our Internet Marketing “Industry Update” – Week 45

This week while Paid Search Manager Jered Klima was out of the office, Laureen Hoeft led the weekly “industry update” Jered normally leads for Rocket Clicks staff.  Here are some highlights.

Google Launches Ad Sitelinks

Google has announced the launch of a new AdWords feature called Ad Sitelinks that will increase choice and relevancy in search ads.  The feature allows advertisers to provide additional links to content deep within their sites.  Instead of choosing one landing page to send all users to, Ad Sitelinks will display up to 4 additional Destination URLs on your search-based text ad for users to choose from.

The feature is currently available for only those advertisers whose ads meet a certain high quality threshold, and will give them the opportunity to create more relevant ads for a variety of users.

Google Friend Connect Improvements

Google is expanding its Friend Connect service, which is aimed at connecting users with shared interests.  The service gives website owners plug-in tools that add social networking features to their sites.  The new features collect and utilize information about website user’s interests.

There are now many ways to poll users for information and then link those interests to their profiles.  Other users can then use that information to find those with similar interests.  Site owners can use this information to create more personalized ads as well as customized newsletters to send to users based on their interests.

Microsoft Partners with OpenX Technologies

Microsoft has entered into a new partnership with an independent ad server called OpenX Technologies Inc. that distributes more than 300 billion ads each month. The deal will benefit both companies by allowing them to cross-market products to their individual publisher bases.

The agreement will give Microsoft a key distribution channel for its Content Ads monetization products and in turn will give OpenX referrals from Microsoft for its enterprise advertising technology and other services.  Microsoft hopes the deal will boost its ad business and competitive position against Google.

By Jessica Manganello

Paid Search Staff