The Working Mom & How To Make Her Your Customer

The Working Mom & How To Make Her Your Customer

The working mom is a highly desirable consumer for many markets with her spend power and relevance. The problem is–Do you know how to make her your customer?

Scarborough Research & Arbitron Inc. posted a great free report in September 2009 on working moms and their pull in the market. This market is huge, and often neglected in internet marketing.

On the contrary, working moms are a highly influential market and account for nearly 22 million consumers.

Forget the Cutesy Graphics and Marketing Tricks

Get down to business with these ladies.  They appreciate savings with discount and shipping deals. They want to purchase from companies they can trust. They are also very tech-savvy, making them ideal targets for online marketing efforts, but also don’t try to trick them. It is also said that working moms are 46% more likely to get coupons from their phone or email.

“Mom Responsibilities” and “Me Responsibilities”

Overall, these women shop for their families – mainly for the 3 basic necessities: food, clothes and shelter.  They have a tendency to be brand loyal, and have a huge spend power in the family. On the other hand, they balance “mom” time and “me” time well.  They are prime candidate for personal care services like spa, fitness, and health.

Save Her Time, Money, and Guilt and You Are Her Friend

Working moms are looking for discounts and deals so put the right message in front of her and she will respond. Making her time more efficient is a high priority for busy, on-the-go moms. They also pride themselves in good health choices for themselves and their families.  Emphasizing efficiency and healthy advantages are great sellers for this market.

By Nicole Nerad

Paid Search Manager