Google Unveils New Content Network Feature, Google Releases Short Ad Listings For Local Businesses, Yahoo Search Enhancements, And More

Google Unveils New Content Network Feature, Google Releases Short Ad Listings For Local Businesses, Yahoo Search Enhancements, And More

Google View-Through Conversion Tracking

Google has announced the release of a new feature for their Content Network called View-through conversion reporting to improve the measurement of conversions for display advertising campaigns.  This new feature allows advertisers to measure the impact of display ad campaigns for those instances where your ad may have been seen, but not immediately clicked on.  Specifically, it measures the amount of conversions that took place when the ad was appearing for 30 days with no ad click generated.

For example, suppose someone saw your display ad but decided not to click on it.  If they then decided to come to your website within 30 days and buy your product, it would show up as a View-through conversion.  This tool will ultimately help advertisers spend their money more effectively on display ads by determining the best ways and places to advertise.

Google’s Local Business Ad Unit

Google is introducing their own version of short ad listings for local businesses, similar to that of Yahoo’s local ad unit model.  These ads will only contain basic information about the company such as contact information and a link to their website, and will show up in regular search results pages as well as Google Maps listings.
The ads will be free of artwork and images and are not intended to compete with Google AdWords.  They will be more or less self-serve for business owners.  To participate, business will need to be verified and listed in Google’s Local Business Center.

Yahoo! Search Enhancements

Yahoo! will soon be delivering a series of changes to their Search Advertising that will provide value to customers and advertisers.  Yahoo! describes the enhancements as falling into four major categories: innovation, transparency and control, value, and consumer relevance.

Some of the major changes fall in the categories of innovation and transparency and control.  With regards to innovation, Rich Ads management will allow advertisers to control their rich search ads directly in the YSM console.  Initial testing has shown that Rich Ads can help improve CTR by up to 25%, with some advertisers seeing greater results.  Yahoo’s Ad Delivery Report for transparency and control will allow advertisers to see where their ads are showing on various partner sites and give the option to block sites where they don’t want to be seen.  Also, with Network Distribution, marketers can run their ads on either Yahoo! or its partner network, and set bids separately for each channel.  The Search Marketing Desktop tool, similar to Google Editor, will allow advertisers to control and manage their campaigns offline.

Getting Ready for the Holidays with Bing

With the holiday season quickly approaching, Microsoft is alerting advertisers to be prepared and reach new customers with Bing.  There are a few key dates to be ready for as soon as possible.  Black Friday, which is November 27th, is one of the biggest offline shopping days of the year.  Cyber Monday on November 30th is the online shopping spike that follows Black Friday.  Green Monday is December 7th, and the start of free shipping offers and the busiest online shopping day of the year.  And Brown Monday on December 14th is the final push with the most aggressive promotions and discounts with last minute free shipping and guaranteed holiday delivery.

Bing states that they have a higher buyer power index than other search engines, making them a more cost-effective way to increase your holiday advertising coverage.  Bing’s audience is growing and they believe their holiday advertising through TV, internet, and print is sure to bring in more consumers.  Advertisers should be preparing early, because consumers start researching holiday gifts as soon as October.

By Jessica Manganello

Paid Search Staff