Rap Genius And Google Are Friends Again, Yahoo Tries To Simplify Ad Buying, & More

Rap Genius And Google Are Friends Again, Yahoo Tries To Simplify Ad Buying, & More

This Week’s Industry News

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Changes To Google Webmaster Tools

John Mueller announced two new changes to Webmaster Tools. First, Google will no longer round the search query data within the Google Webmaster Tools Search Queries report. Another new feature allows you to see where your mobile pages appeared and where Skip Redirects were applied. Additionally, Webmaster Tools now shows which keywords are sending traffic to which pages, revealing a bit of the data that’s been lost from Google Analytics due to (no provided). It’s like a bunch of Christmas presents from Google got lost in the mail, but hey, better late than never!

Sources: Search Engine Land and Search Engine Roundtable

Facebook Expands Wi-fi Program

Facebook’s wi-fi program allows business owners to offer free wi-fi to customers if they check-in to the location via Facebook. Facebook has now teamed with NETGEAR to offer a lower priced Facebook wi-fi option in the $150 range. Beyond the obvious upside for Facebook, small- and medium-sized businesses will benefit from additional shares and thumbs up.

Source: Marketing Land

Twitter Co-Founder Launches Social Search App

Biz Stone and a former colleague have launched Jelly, a social search app that uses your social networks to drive results. Users submit questions within the app that can be answered by anyone in your existing social networks. Jelly claims that the algorithms of today’s complex search engines are “no match” for the “experience, inventiveness, and creativity of the human mind.”

Source: Search Engine Land

Pinterest Looks To Improve Visual Search Capabilities

Pinterest has acquired VisualGraph in an effort to make much-needed upgrades to its visual search capabilities. The goal is to have a deeper understanding of the content in an image without the assistance of text or tags. This will allow Pinterest to understand what is being pinned and suggest other relevant pins. Previously, Pinterest relied on signals such as alt text, text in the image link, and image metadata to identify visual content.

Source: Search Engine Journal

Google Teaming With Car Manufacturers

In an effort to bring Android mobile operating systems to automobiles, Google has teamed with Audi, GM, Honda, and Hyundai to form the Open Automotive Alliance (OAA). Google Director of Android Engineering Patrick Brady explains that in a multi-screen world, switching between devices should be easy and seamless. Present-day cars obviously fall short of that goal; the challenge will be to find a safe way to do it that won’t cause distractions.

Source: Search Engine Watch

Rap Genius, Google Kiss And Make Up

Last week we mentioned that Rap Genius was banned by Google. They patched up the issue with Google, saying “we deserved to get smacked.” To get back on Google’s good side, Rap Genius collected a list of 178,000 pages with links then wrote an automated scraper to determine whether each page contained spammy links. If it did, they contacted the webmaster and requested the link be removed. Google was satisfied and Rap Genius now shows up again in search results. If only every Google penalty were so easy (and quick) to remove!

Source: Washington Post

Mobile Advertising Projected To Increase 64% In 2014

In 2013 mobile advertising spend more than doubled to $3 billion, and it’s only expected to grow more in 2014. Analysts have predicted mobile and social advertising to increase 64% and 47% respectively. It  just might be time to start showing ads in these areas if you aren’t already!

Source: Mashable

Yahoo Aims To Simplify Ad Buys With “Yahoo Advertising”

During CEO Marissa Mayer’s keynote at CES in Las Vegas earlier this week, she announced that Yahoo Advertising will be an umbrella for all of the company’s ad formats.  The Yahoo Advertising umbrella will have three tiers of ad buying to give small- and medium-sized business access to its products. Those products include Yahoo Ad Manager, Yahoo Stream Ads, Yahoo Image Ads, and Tumblr Sponsored Posts.

Source: Marketing Land

Yahoo Ad Network Charged With Distributing Malware

In more Yahoo news, it has been reported that two Netherland internet security firms have revealed that Yahoo’s servers were inadvertently distributing malware. The malware attack has not affected users in North America, Asia, or Latin America, nor has it affected Mac or mobile users.  Yahoo stated that they have removed the ad designed to spread malware and will continue to monitor and block any ads being used for this activity.

Source: Marketing Land

Google’s Share Of Social Logins Hits Highest Level Since 2010

According to the latest report from Janrain, Google continues to be an increasingly popular choice when it comes to social logins.  Although 38% represents Google’s best single quarter since 2010, Facebook still remains the most popular option with 45% of all social logins.

Source: Marketing Land

Google Usage By State

A recent Chitika survey identified search engine preferences around the US on a state-by-state basis. Not suprisingly, Google reigned supreme in every state. However, not all states embrace the search engine equally. Google’s top three states, in terms of percentage of the population claiming to use the serach engine are: Utah (73%), California and New York. Mississippi has the lowest percentage of Google users at 53%. West Virginia comes in second at 54%.

Source: Search Engine Watch

Send An Email To Anyone On Gmail

Gmail has unveiled plans to allow users to send an email to anyone, even if they don’t have that person’s email address. The hook? Both people need to have both a Gmail and a Google+ account.

Source: New York Times


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