Industry Update for November 10, 2017

Industry Update for November 10, 2017

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New Look for Mobile Search Results

Googles search result page for mobile searches now have a more aesthetic appeal. The new look is to resemble the mobile device’s edge-to-edge design. The biggest change is the rounded corners around all search cards. The number of ads and listings remain the same and rankings are not affected from the change. Users can also now see a change in colors for mobile search, links are now a lighter shade of blue and rating stars turned from orange to yellow. Source: Search Engine Journal

Google Expanding Home Service Ads

Google recently announced that they will be expanding their Home Service ads to 30 more major metro areas by the end of the year. These types of ads allow service-area businesses to appear at the top of the Google SERP as well as making it easier to accept bookings from local clients. According to Google, some businesses have reported up to a 70% increase in booking rates since creating a Home Service Ad. Source: Search Engine Journal

Publisher Knowledge Panels Now in Google Search Results

Google now gives users information about the content publisher in its knowledge panel. Find out more information about the topics the publisher covers, awards won and any third-party reviews. Publishers can improve their chances of having a Knowledge Panel by consistently creating fresh, news-related content online. Overall this helps create a better user experience that helps users learn about different sources and the tone of their content. Source: Googles Blog

Exact Match Impression Share Metrics Now Available in Bing Ads

Bing Ads will now offer insights into the percentage of impressions their ads received on exact matching queries. When combined with Bing Ad’s impression share reports, this will help advertisers get a better understanding of the way their ads compete across their own keyword scope. Exact match impression share data can be found on the Reports page of the Bing Ads interface. Source: Search Engine Land

New “Selection Attributes” for Google My Business Listing

Business owners can now set “selection attributes” that give users insight on what businesses can offer. With every one selection attribute, comes a set of predefined choices. For example, the selection attribute, “Kosher food” comes with choices to describe the extent of Kosher food that the business offers such as “No Kosher food” or “Some Kosher food”. The new attribute setting help users narrow down their searches to find exactly what they’re looking for. Source: SERoundtable


Steps to Building Rapport With Clients

PPC Hero Danielle Gonzales knows the importance of going beyond the data and building a strong relationship with clients and has a few simple steps to help do just that. First and foremost, you can insert yourself as one of their team members through approaching clients as if you work for their internal team. You also need to know who your client contact needs to impress, if you can make their life easier when they report to their boss then that can built appreciation and trust. The author also notes that you can give them insights that they didn’t even ask for through staying proactive and continually giving them additional information on their accounts beyond what’s being reported. Source: Danielle Gonzales, PPC Hero

Maximizing Outreach and Profits in Local Listings Over the Holidays

Miriam Ellis’ Local SEO Holiday Checklist from offers guidance on preparing your local listing and promotions for the Holiday season. The very first item on your holiday to-do list should be ensuring the accuracy of your Google My Business (GMB) listing. Other items include making any adjustments to store hours that occur over the holidays to both the GMB listing and the site. Also be sure to set social media and analytical tracking for promotions before the rush of orders take place. Ellis highlights that while the holiday season is a joyful time, it is also stressful time where customer service may let us down and that webmasters should be complaint-ready and empathy-engaged. Source: Moz Blog