Scaling a Credit Union with PPC

A credit union came to Rocket Clicks looking to scale their PPC initiatives in order to increase overall goal completions on their website. Learn how we helped this credit union increase online conversions while decreasing cost. 

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Conversion Growth YOY
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Reduction in Cost-Per-Acquisition YoY




The Challenge

The credit union turned to Rocket Clicks to efficiently scale their PPC efforts in order to increase overall conversions on their website. 

Our Work

After spending 3 quarters building a solid PPC foundation and cleaning up account efficiencies, Rocket Clicks started scaling PPC initiatives in Q4. By utilizing machine learning in ad platforms to open up new opportunities and reach new markets, campaigns were able to run more efficiently at a greater scale. Rocket Clicks’ SEO team improved landing page CRO designs to help boost page conversion rates, ultimately leading to an overall conversion increase and a cost-per-acquisition decrease.


As a result of working with Rocket Clicks for 12 months, the client experienced one of their best years across many of their financial products. 

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