Industry Update for November 9th, 2018

Industry Update for November 9th, 2018

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Service Areas on Google My Business

GMB is now giving listings the ability to specify the geographic area businesses offer services to. Previously, a service area was set as a distance around where the business is physically located. Going forward, there will be separate fields for editing physical address and service area. Businesses that don’t serve customers where the business is located can leave the address field blank and only enter their service area by region, city or ZIP code. Source: Search Engine Journal

Facebook Rolls out Analytics for Instagram

Facebook is introducing two new additions to its analytics suite, Instagram account analytics and advanced analytics for Facebook Pages. Instagram account analytics will give marketers a deeper level of engagement metrics including retention rates of users who interact with your content and the ability to create segments around engaged audiences. New Facebook Analytics will allow you to create new audience segments, track conversions and the path to purchase. Source:Marketing Land

Chrome Warning Users of Unclear Subscription Pages

Starting with Chrome 71, users will get a warning with mobile subscription pages so that users can make informed decisions when signing up to mobile based subscription services. If Chrome detects a page that doesn’t provide sufficient billing information to users, a warning with “The page ahead may try to charge you money.” will the options to Go Back or Proceed will appear. Webmasters will be notified through Search Console if these types of pages were identified on their site.  Source:Google Blog

LinkedIn is Updating its Campaign Manager

The company has announced a public beta release of ‘Objective-Based Advertising in Campaign Manager,’ which is said to lay the groundwork for further changes coming in the next year. The new platform will have easier navigation, a new forecasting panel that will estimate the expected number of campaign results, a redesigned targeting experience, a faster & more responsive interface, and a live ad preview. This new advertising campaign creation process will be designed to work with LinkedIn’s new reporting interface as well.  Source: Search Engine Journal


Competitive Analysis Guide

Your top SEO competitors are the ones who rank in the first search page of the keywords you’re targeting, regardless of whether they are your business competitors. Even if you’re using a tool, it’s in your best interest to monitor the SERP landscape you’re entering into. If your target keyword is dominated by videos, you’ll want to think about creating video content to compete. Look at your competitors and analyze their domain strength by looking at: domain authority, indexing in search results, backlink data and traffic volumes. Look for any weaknesses that you can turn into your advantage. Pay attention to competitor’s metadata, headline strategies, topical relevance and what types of content or media they’re creating. Source: Search Engine Journal

5 Aspects of a Great Landing Page

  1. Concise (but not generic) Copy – having copy that aligns itself to the user and makes your page unique without using too many words.
  2. Someone Else Vouching For You – whether it’s testimonials, reviews, or number of shares, having someone else put in a good word for you on your landing page will help users see that you’re someone worth trusting.
  3. Negative Space – don’t clutter your landing page. Having clear elements on your landing page makes it easier, and more aesthetically pleasing for the user to follow.
  4. Images with Line of Sight – If you’re going to use imagery on your landing page, make it human because people are naturally drawn to looking at human faces.
  5. Motion Graphics & Video – people are primed to track motion, so adding a video to your landing page will more easily grab the users’ attention.

Source: Brad Smith, Search Engine Journal