Industry Update for November 2nd, 2018

Industry Update for November 2nd, 2018

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Google Lens is Now in Google Images

Google is now rolling out a Google Lens button within Google Image search results. This allows users to learn more about the images they clicked on within Google Image search. You can go to Images on mobile, search for something and you will see a lens icon with a number indicating how many items within the photo you can see more pictures of. The image will also display circle buttons next to the items within the photo that you can find more information on them. Source: Search Engine Land

Google’s New Demographic Targeting

Google now offers detailed demographics that enabling you to target your campaigns to different users based on their education, marital status, homeowner status, or parental status. Advertisers can use this new data to create bid adjustments for different demographics, exclude demographics from seeing their ads, or exclusively target a demographic in their search campaigns. These new demographics can be found in the “Audience” tab. Source: WordStream

Google Introduces reCAPTCHA Version 3

The reCAPTCHA program was launched in 2007 as a free way to protect sites from automated, abusive traffic. This week Google announced the newest version, reCAPTCHA v3, which is designed to be less obtrusive to users while providing webmasters with more data and customization options. The newest version of CAPTCHA will provide user interaction scores that measure suspicious activity, the ability to set “actions” in the user’s journey and give webmasters more control over when a CAPTCHA challenge appears. Source: Google Blog

Google Ads Segmenting New vs. Returning Store Visits

Advertisers can now segment new vs. returning store visitors to better understand the number new customers vs. repeat customers who visit their store. For returning customers, advertisers can choose from a variety of conversion windows. For example, if an advertiser selects 90 days as their conversion window, then store visits are considered new if they’re from customers who haven’t visited in the past 90 days. Source: Search Engine Journal


How to Get Links to Your Site

Barry Schwartz gives tips on receiving more backlinks. He states that can use personas to come up with link-worthy content, but it’s also important to know what people are doing on your site. Write content that is aimed at your audience. Images, comparisons, videos, charts and graphs attract more links. Use short and specific URLs, and put valuable information at the top of the page. Social media is a way to get no-follow links but also more awareness so people will find your content and link to it later. Include social buttons on your pages to make it easier for users to share. Source: Search Engine Land

5 Checks Before You Launch a Facebook Ad

  1. Have a clear goal for your campaign & make sure the copy reflects that.
  2. Make sure your audience is properly targeted. Run A/B tests on a few audiences to see which ad resonates most.
  3. Remember the 20% rule of text to image ratio. Don’t have ads that are too text heavy.
  4. Check frequency. You don’t want to show ads to the same people several times, so it is important to continually check the frequency of your ads.
  5. Ask yourself if you would click it. Look at the ad through the eye of the user to determine if they would be likely to interact with it.

Source: Chris O’Keeffe, WordStream