Rocket Clicks’ Google Analytics Classroom: Google App Gallery

Rocket Clicks’ Google Analytics Classroom: Google App Gallery

Dan Zuzanski is a Paid Search Analyst here at Rocket Clicks and will be contributing to a blog post series about Google Analytics on a regular basis. Dan is Google Analytics Certified and has a goal of educating businesses on the ways that Google Analytics can help you analyze your website’s visitor interactions, in order to increase revenue for your business. Below is the fourth installment of this new blog series.

If you are looking for new ways to access your Google Analytics account or to view the data in different ways, than the app is for you.  Most apps in the gallery are free to download and use. These apps help marketers, IT technicians and business owners understand how their website is working and ways to better improve the results.

The Google Analytics Apps are categorized into 12 categories including business intelligence, campaign management, content management, data collection, e-commerce, email marketing, mobile solutions, phone call tracking, reporting tools, search optimization, site audit and widgets &  gadgets.

Figure 1: Google App Gallery

The TrakkBoard App

TrakkBoard is a free desktop application to help users compare and evaluate data from different Google Analytics accounts without actually logging into Google Analytics.  Yes, this means logging into different accounts is no longer a necessity.  You can scroll through various accounts and evaluate data from multiple sources on your desktop application.  This app was very easy to install and took under 5 minutes to get up and running.  TrakkBoard definitely can save me hours of pointless logging on and logging off of accounts.  But the best feature is the ability for me to compare and contrast accounts all in the same window.  Looking at different profiles for the same account in the same window saves time.  So if you have different segments set up inside of google Analytics, this app is a must have.

Figure 2. TrakkBoard Sample Page

Big Action Take Away

Technology is advancing very rapidly when it comes to tracking your online initiatives.  There are many tools including Google Analytics Apps which can make your life easier to evaluate your website and the traffic that is generated to your website.  Doing so will help make your business much more profitable knowing where the leaks in the websites are and fixing them.

Dan Zuzanski

Paid Search Analyst

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    Dan… try for another Google Analytics App that makes it easier to evaluate your website… especially if you are an agency. Thx.

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