New Google Analytics Tools, Changes To Local Ads On Google, Voice Search Usage, & More

New Google Analytics Tools, Changes To Local Ads On Google, Voice Search Usage, & More

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Google Updates Change Of Address Tool

The Change Of Address Tool, first introduced to Google Webmaster Tools in 2009, has received a significant update according to Google’s John Mueller. The updates make it easier to walk webmasters through the process, validating steps along the way, including redirects.

Source: Search Engine Land

New Tools Launched On Google Analytics

The new set of tool for Tag Managers include new APIs, third-party templates, and a refreshed user interface. The Tag Manager API allows for better customization and a way to manage bulk user access. Third-party templates are also available from AdRoll and other similar providers. For screenshots and a more detailed breakdown of the new tools, visit Marketing Land.

Source: Marketing LandGoogle_Analytics_2014

Information Released On When Voice Search Is Used Most

A recent study commissioned by Google sheds some light on the way Google Voice Search is being used. Among the findings was that it is mostly used to search for directions. Teens are using it more than adults, however both demographics admit to using it the most while watching television. Adults and teens unanimously responded that the reason they use voice search is because it is the future of search.

Source: Marketing Land


Top PPC Stories


Google Makes Forwarding Numbers for Ads Local

Google has recently been notifying advertisers that they are now able to use forwarding numbers with local area codes in ad Call Extensions. Previously Google only used toll free area codes in forwarding numbers, so the ability to appear more local to searchers could prove useful to advertisers.

Source: Search Engine Land

New Format’s For AdSense Text Ads

Google has released a revamped format of its mobile text ads on AdSense. New formats include a larger font size for headlines and descriptions, as well as an “interactive” element. Display URLs are now being shown on a second page of the ad that can be seen with a swipe.

Source: Marketing Land

Google Express Reduces Price & Adds Locations

Formerly known as Google Shopping Express, Google Express has recently expanded its list of same-day delivery locations. It also has a membership fee just under that of Amazon Prime. This along with alternate non-membership pricing and three months free could help it become a stronger competitor of Amazon’s. Google could also use data taken from this service and feed it back into AdWords which could prove quite useful for advertisers.

Source: Marketing Land


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Bing Testing Social Annotations In Ads

Moz Survey Reveals Local Search Ranking Factors

Google Continues To Test Mobile-Friendly Notices

Bing Glitch Serves Lopsided Search Results

New Google Feature Could Connect You With Real Doctors


Notable Commentary


Don’t Take The Quest For Good Reviews Too Far

In an effort to garner positive reviews and limit negative ones, one small hotel in the Catskills established a policy where guests would be “fined” an additional $500 for leaving a negative review. Not only was it a draconian policy, it completely backfired. The hotel is getting trashed in the reviews after people realized the policy was essentially unenforceable.

Analysis by: Neil Patel, Search Engine Land

Top 5 Take-Aways from SMX East 2014

Missed the 2014 SMX East event? No problem, Rebekah Schelfhout from Search Engine Land has recently posted an article that outlines the top 5 highlights.

Analysis by: Rebekah Schelfhout, Search Engine Land

Google’s Physical Web Project

Google’s Physical Web Project is an effort to make it easier for people to interact with smart devices without having to download a separate app for each one. Daniel Cristo of Marketing Land offers up a detailed look into the project and what it might mean for marketers.

Analysis by: Daniel Cristo, Marketing Land

Do Bigger iPhones Mean Better Mobile Ad Performance? 

With the most recent release of a newer, larger iPhone, the question of how mobile ad performance will change is now being asked more than ever. Mark Ballard from Search Engine Land gives his take on how more ad real estate could affect mobile paid search.

Analysis by: Mark Ballard,Search Engine Land

How Local Keywords Can Help PPC

Think hyper targeted keywords with locations in them can’t help your PPC efforts? Craig Ellis from Search Engine just might change your mind. In a recent blog post he describes how he has seen these local keywords increase click through rates while decreasing costs per click.

Analysis by: Craig Ellis, Search Engine People

How to Fix the Wrong Way of Doing AdWords

Johnathan Dane from Search Engine Journal says you’re doing AdWords wrong, luckily he also explains how to correct it in a recent post.

Analysis by: Johnathan Dane,Search Engine Journal