Rocket Clicks’ Google Analytics Classroom: Browsers Report

Rocket Clicks’ Google Analytics Classroom: Browsers Report

Dan Zuzanski is a Paid Search Analyst here at Rocket Clicks and will be contributing to a blog post series about Google Analytics on a regular basis. Dan is Google Analytics Certified and has a goal of educating businesses on the ways that Google Analytics can help you analyze your website’s visitor interactions, in order to increase revenue for your business. Below is the third installment of this new blog series.

There are many browsers that people use to surf the web including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and many others. Your website can appear differently to visitors depending on their browser. Are you sure your website is displaying properly to your visitors and does it really matter?

Website design and coding affects how your website is displayed in different browsers. Images and text will load and appear differently on different browsers.  For example, in Internet Explorer an image and text will load properly, but in Firefox, these same images may be covering the text making it unreadable. And to make things worse, your website’s navigation might not load on Safari. The solution to these issues is to find out what browsers visitors are using to access your site and to format the code of your website to fit these browsers.

Find out which browsers visitors are using by looking at the Browsers Report.

Figure 1: Browsers Report showing browsers used to access the website.

Big Action Take Away

By knowing what browsers visitors are using when viewing your website, you will be able to make updates to your website that will load properly for the majority of your visitors. When designing a new website, this data will help the developers make sure the new websites display properly for these browsers.

Figure 2: Close-up of which browsers visitors used to access the website.

How Do I Get This Report?

1. Once logged into the Google Analytics account, clicks on the Visitors tab on the left.

2. From the Visitors menu, click the Browser Capabilities link.

3. A drop menu will appear from which you click on the Browsers link

4. Now you are looking at Browsers Report (Figure 1 and 2) that is shown above.

Dan Zuzanski

Paid Search Analyst