The Superheroes of SEO

The Superheroes of SEO

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s your friendly SEO superheroes coming to rescue your business!

With superhero movies being all the rage in 2016 (there are six of them being released this year alone), we were curious about what superheroes in the SEO world would look like. What powers could they have on your bottom line? We found more than a few parallels.

Superman – Link Building

Link building is the Superman of the SEO for a reason: because quality link building can have the strongest impact on your businesses’ sales. Just like Superman uses his super strength to save the day, quality links pointing back to your site tells Google that your site is relevant and should be moved up in the search engine results pages (SERPs), which results in more visitors and sales for your business.

However, link building has a weakness. Building low quality links can actually harm your website more than help it. Think of it like this: quality link building is like Superman on his best day while low quality link building is like Superman with kryptonite.

Wonder Woman – Content

Content is to link building what Wonder Woman is to Superman – when you combine the two, they’re unstoppable. Great content complements link building by providing link-worthy material, and link building complements content by helping the content rank better in search. Even without link building, great content will encourage your readers to learn more about your business, products, and services, which will encourage them to further engage with your business. Unfortunately, having poorly written content is like impersonating Wonder Woman. It might look awesome, but it will never have the same effect that well-written copy would.

Spider-Man – Citation Building

When you need a hometown hero to help you out with your local SEO, citation building is here to help. Like everyone’s friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, citation building is all about trust. Citation building helps provide information about your business to search engines, ensuring that they understand that your business is legitimate. These trust signals will help you rank better when searchers near you are looking for the products and services you sell. The more times Google and other search engines see your business information, the more likely your business is to appear higher up. Just like Peter Parker’s photographs help people become more familiar with Spider-Man.

There are plenty of other SEO superheroes that could help your business, but these are some of the ones that jumped out to us. Think your business could use a superhero? Find out how our SEO experts can help!