YouTube VS. Viacom, Google Display Network Launches & More

YouTube VS. Viacom, Google Display Network Launches & More

YouTube VS. Viacom

Viacom, the company that owns Paramount and multiple cable channels, tried suing YouTube for copyright infringement for showing video clips from Viacom’s property.  Wednesday, the courts announced that YouTube is protected by the safe harbor of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act against claims of copyright infringement.  The ruling follows the agreement that online services, such as YouTube, are protected when working cooperatively with copyright holders to manage their rights online.

Google Display Network Launches

Google is officially changing the name of the Content Network to now be referred to as the Google Display Network.  Along with the official name change, the Google Display Network has added more places to run display ads and more publisher sites, of which there are over one million now. The overall effort of the Google Display Network is to make media offerings easier for advertisers and agencies.  The Google Display Network will include all the sites where you can currently buy ads through Google properties, including Google Finance, Google Maps, Gmail, and YouTube.  Google Display Network will be offering all ad formats such as video, text, rich media and images to allow the creativity to pour out of Internet marketers.

Ad Sitelinks Changed

It’s known that Ad Sitelinks have helped many companies increase their CTR, so Google has taken it upon itself to change the format of Ad Sitelinks to perform even better. They have changed it from two-lines to a one-line format. The images below are a look at Ad Sitelinks before and after the change. The new format is supposed to have greater benefits for more campaigns, including unbranded campaigns. When a query matches a keyword in the Ad Sitelinks campaign, Google first determines if the ad meets the criteria to show Ad Sitelinks and then chooses whether to show the two-line format or the new one-line format automatically. By Dana Redfield Rocket Clicks Staff


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