6 Ways to Achieve Long-term Marketing Success

We totally understand the immediate gratification that comes with a short-term marketing strategy. You can track the data and see the effects immediately. But focusing on a strong foundation is the slow burn every company needs to create real long-term success. Once you put in the work upfront, coasting on your initial success will be way more enjoyable. Follow along as we walk through the 6 most crucial things to focus on in your marketing endeavors.

1. Focus on your team

The first thing to consider when looking for long-term marketing success is your team. Think about your team members as the foundation on which you’re building your marketing plan. Without a strong company culture, even the best marketing initiatives will not succeed. 

A healthy culture is more than just free snacks and the occasional happy hour. It’s also important to create space for employee feedback, update your processes to accommodate different work styles, etc. Allow people to be who they are as people, not just as your employees. Not only will you find work relationships going more smoothly, but you’ll create a more dynamic and functional team. 

2. Focus on your customers

The number one way to keep your business successful is to prioritize your customers’ success. Don’t be afraid to reach out to them to get feedback directly. Sending out customer surveys is a great way to determine what’s working, and what strategies could use an update. Figuring out what needs work doesn’t mean you need to throw out your original plan; shifting direction too many times is an easy way to get absolutely nowhere. Instead of tossing out every strategy just because it doesn’t gel with every customer, use customer feedback as a way to guide future strategy planning.  

Once you’ve identified your happy customers, reach out for referrals and reviews!  Your current customers can play a major role in spreading the word about what you have to offer. Reaching out about customer reviews on Google My Business or Clutch.com are easy ways to increase your credibility based on real-life customer experiences. 

3. Communicate through social media 

Digital communication is at an all-time high, from social media surfing and major shifts in online shopping. By leveraging this increase in browsing, a great marketing strategy will lead to a boost in your visibility and increased brand awareness. 

Boosting your online presence is easy, but only if you’re intentional about it. Many people vet companies on social media to see if they’re legit before signing on for their services. It doesn’t matter how pristine your digital strategy is if you’re not putting the human aspect into it. Let future clients know you’re a real person by regularly posting and responding to comments on social platforms. 

4. Identify what’s working

People tend to notice when the road they’re on is bumpy more easily than they notice a smooth ride. Take a break from obsessing over what you need to fix and spend some time observing what you’re doing right. Where do you see your biggest success? What can you do to emulate that in areas that need improvement? 

Go deep with this one. Don’t just focus on which KPIs are doing well. Break it down into what exactly is contributing to the success. Think of things like:

  • How you appear to your target audience
  • Consistency with internal & external communication
  • Process for managing projects
  • How you create brand awareness
  • What contributes to quality leads

5. Optimize your website

Having a solid online presence is crucial. Most of us can’t even fathom making a purchase or booking services without vetting the company online first. Audit your website to make sure you’re representing your brand as accurately as possible to keep the quality leads rolling in. 

Basic components of a great website:

  • Clarity: Performing a content audit on your site will help you create a clear voice that represents your brand.
  • User Experience: Make it easy for your customers to find what they’re looking for on your website. 
  • Design: Having a strong brand identity is only beneficial if you have an equally strong website design

6. Create marketing partnerships

It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in; no company can succeed on its own. One of the most underrated ways to get ahead in your industry is by aligning yourself with other companies that have a similar and dynamic agenda. 

Working with a third-party marketing company will give you reliable feedback you may not have otherwise considered. Depending on the industry, lot of companies have taken a dip over the few years. Get ahead of others in your industry by partnering with a digital marketing company

Tyler Dolph

Tyler is a sales and marketing focused leader with a passion for team and personal growth. He has B.A Degrees in Marketing and Communications from Lindenwood University and joined the Rocket Clicks team in 2015.