3 Benefits of a Healthy Company Culture & How to Create One

3 Benefits of a Healthy Company Culture & How to Create One

A 2018 LinkedIn study stated marketing roles have a 17% turnover rate, the highest of any type of job, with positions in Research, Communications, and Support & Human Resources following closely behind. As an employer in one of these fields, you may feel like you’re putting excessive time, resources, and training in developing the best employees you can, and you’re still seeing a high turnover rate. So what gives? 

Chances are, you’re overlooking an important factor in employee retention: a positive company culture. In a world where it’s not uncommon to spend more time at work than we do with our own family and friends, it’s important to have a work culture that employees can connect with and make them feel valued.

Why is a Positive Company Culture so Important? 

1. Stressed out employees decrease company ROI

Employee stress is one of the biggest factors in stagnant success. According to a study on workplace stress by The American Psychological Association, more than $500 billion from the U.S. economy is lost workplace stress, and 550 million workdays are lost each year because employees feel overworked. That means the more stressed your employees are, the more you’re paying for it.  

Stress leads to disengagement. The Queens School of Business and Gallup Organization found that companies with low employee engagement scores had: 

  • 18% lower productivity
  • 16% lower profitability
  • 37% lower job growth
  • 65% lower share price over time
  • Based on these numbers, it’s in your company’s best interest to make sure your employees experience a positive company experience.

2. If you are loyal to them, they will be loyal to you

No one wants to come into work everyday scared of losing their job. A strong company culture not only attracts talent but also retains the talent you currently have at your company. If you treat your employees well and have a fun-loving environment you will attract employees seeking a similar culture. 

Studies reviewed by the Harvard Business Review found that workplaces with high-stress environments lead to 50% voluntary workplace turnover. If you want to beat the odds, have employees stay with you for longer, and have more engaged employees — focus on a positive company culture more than just a positive profit margin.

3. A strong culture creates a strong company brand 

Having a positive culture aids in defining your company’s identity. It provides the guidelines to your employees of what is and isn’t acceptable. Your culture is your everyday. Decide what you want your company to stand for, and make sure that is being represented not just with your customers or clients, but your employees too. Do you promise your clients open communication and increased success? Then you should promise your employees the same thing. 

How Does Rocket Clicks Avoid Employee Burnout? 

Rocket Clicks established a Culture Committee team of 10 members to build a strong company culture. It took awhile for the other team members to get involved with the activities the Culture Committee planned. A lot of people aren’t used to companies that invest in recreational activities without any ulterior motive (think “Team Building” exercises masked as a fun day out). But leadership knew how valuable building a strong culture was, so the team pushed forward and started to see a shift in employee engagement. 

Who is the RC Culture Committee? 

The Culture Committee is made up of team members who are excited to represent RC in a positive and fun way. They are always pushing the boundaries to find new and unique interesting ways to improve the experience of their peers. 

Just some of the dozens of Culture Committee activities they plan throughout the year include: 

  • Volunteer opportunities within the community 
  • Professional development training
  • Company picnics & outdoor activities
  • Access to fun, informational articles
  • Happy hours & Trivia tournaments
  • Office Olympics
  • Trips to local sporting events 
  • Office holiday parties

And so many more! 

What Made the RC Culture Committee a Success?

One of the best parts of the team is that it doesn’t include anyone on the leadership team. Seem strange? It shouldn’t. No one knows what employees want better than the employees themselves. The absence of leadership allows team members to speak freely and share ideas in a no-pressure environment before finalizing and delivering the initiatives to leadership. 

The more creative freedom the team had, the more they grew. What originally started as a 3-4 person team has grown to 10 volunteers who love contributing to RC culture.

What do you want your company to stand for? 

Rocket Clicks puts a lot of thought and emphasis on promoting a positive work environment. It’s just who we are. We are a group of fun, kind, hilarious humans who value authenticity, and hold ourselves accountable. Creativity and curiosity drive us. We respect our partners and team members by serving with honesty, transparency and consistency. 

That’s our workday. What do you want yours to look like?

Paige Heinemeyer

Paige Heinemeyer is a Paid Advertising Manager at Rocket Clicks. A graduate from Lakeland University with a focus on Business & Marketing, she is fascinated by the advertising world and pursued it out of college. Outside of Rocket Clicks, you can find Paige with family and friends, going to the gym, watching movies or going out to dinner.