Google Eliminating Doorway Pages, New Video Advertising From Yahoo, New Service From Bing, & More

Google Eliminating Doorway Pages, New Video Advertising From Yahoo, New Service From Bing, & More

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Doorway Page Penalty Algorithm Coming To Google

Google’s new ranking adjustment to the doorway page classifier is intended to eliminate doorway pages from search results. Businesses often use doorway pages to maximize their presence in search by having multiple pages rank. The ranking adjustment will be launched shortly. Webmasters who would like to know more about what Google classifies as a doorway page, can read the post at the  Google Webmaster blog where they have a list of questions you can ask yourself regarding your page.
Source: Search Engine Land

Yahoo Bringing Extensive Audience Data and Targeting Abilities to Video Advertising

On Wednesday, Yahoo announced that Audience Ads are available to advertisers on the Brightroll Demand Side Platform, which is the video ad platform the company acquired last November.  Audience Ads give advertisers the capability to target users based on demographic and behavioral data.  Emarketer predicts that this could help boost Yahoo’s display ads business to positive growth for 2015, which video’s share of the display ad market is expected to increase from 21.6 percent in 2015 to 20.1 percent by 2018.

Source: Marketing Land

Bing Launching Service Called Distill

Distill will be a community-driven source to collaborate, ask questions, and get answers. This will be similar to service offerings from Quora and Yahoo Answers. Microsoft users wishing to get a jump start on the new product can visit the Distill website and request an invitation.
Source: Marketing Land

Google Simplifies Top Movers Report and Autofill for Mobile

This new condensed top movers report in AdWords allows advertisers to easily see changes across their account.  Users can quickly find opportunities to improve account performance by seeing which specific campaigns and ad groups have changed the most in terms of clicks, cost, and conversions.  Google also announced that Chrome now supports the autocomplete attribute with the current WHATWG HTML standard, which allows developers to label input fields without changing the interface.

Source: Search Engine Watch

Google’s Mobile-Friendly Algorithm Update Will Be Bigger Than Panda And Penguin

At SMX Munich, Google’s Zineb Ait Bahajji claimed the new mobile-friendly algorithm update will have a larger impact on search results than both Panda and Penguin previously had. It is known that the update will only impact mobile results, but with 50% of traffic coming from mobile devices, websites need to be prepared for the update.
Source: Search Engine Land

Faster Availability of Search Query Data in AdWords

Google’s Jon Diorio stated that some AdWords data is being updated more frequently, and could be available within six hours.  In addition to search query data, Diorio explains that there are now more frequent updates to geographic performance and automatic placements data.   For more information, check the Data Freshness page.

Source: Search Engine Land

Google Encouraging Autocomplete On Mobile Web Forms

In a recent post on the Webmaster Central blog, Google encouraged users to implement autocomplete on web forms for mobile sites because Google believes it will increase conversions and improve user experience. When asked if this was part of the mobile-friendly ranking algorithm, Google said it wasn’t and the recommendation was increased conversions.
Source: Search Engine Land

Google and InMobi Discussing Potential Acquisition Agreement

Anonymous sources have whispered the possibility that Google is seeking to buy the India-based mobile ad network for an estimated purchase price of $1 billion.  Google’s growth in the last couple of quarters has slowed, which has impacted performance on Wall Street.  This acquisition would undoubtedly boost mobile growth and revenue for Google.  Even if Google doesn’t buy InMobi, the industry is likely going to see a period of ad-network consolidation where bigger players are acquiring independent networks like Millennial, xAd, and InMobi.

Source: Marketing Land

Google May Update Change Of Address Tool For Subdomains

In the latest Google+ hangout, a user asked Google’s John Mueller why there wasn’t an option to move sub-domains to a new domain, using the Change Of Address Tool. Mueller didn’t explain why it wasn’t currently an option but seemed optimistic about that sort of update coming in the future.
Source: Search Engine Roundtable

Facebook Announced Acquisition of Top Shopping Search Engine “The Find”

Facebook stated that the acquisition of “The Find” was a move to improve their advertising efforts for user shopping experience.  The terms of the deal have not been released, but the shopping search engine confirmed Facebook’s purchase by publishing a statement on its homepage.  This is not the first time the two companies have worked together.  In 2012, The Find launched an app designed to alert users when products they have liked on Facebook go on sale.

Source: Search Engine Journal


Additional Commentary


Three Questions That Bring Success for PPC

Anthony Coraggio explains that there are some key questions advertisers need to ask themselves in order to insure that the account is on the right path for success, whether is launching a business’s account for the first time or obtaining ownership or a long standing account.  These three questions surround how does one measure success, is the account bringing in the right traffic, and what are we doing to move the account forward?  For more details about Anthony Coraggio’s analysis, visit distilled®.

Analysis: Anthony Coraggio, distilled®

Translating Your Blog To Get More Traffic

Neil Patel explains how he saw traffic to his blog increase by 47% after translating into 82 separate languages. It sounds difficult, and possibly worthless, because traffic doesn’t necessarily equate to sales and revenue. But Neil takes you step by step through the process and explains that translation doesn’t just improve your site’s overall traffic numbers, it can improve your qualified traffic numbers too.
Analysis: Neil Patel, Search Engine Journal

Taking Advantage of Holidays in SEO

SEO isn’t simply an ongoing process that pays no attention to time of year of seasonality. SEOs should be taking advantage of holidays and events to boost their search performance. Fernando Agulo of Search Engine Journal explains how to do just that.
Analysis: Fernando Agulo, Search Engine Journal