The Release Of The iPad, Google Search Gets More Social & More

The Release Of The iPad, Google Search Gets More Social & More

Apple Releases The iPad

Apple released the iPad last Wednesday, and must now convince consumers that they need another device, bigger than the iPhone, but smaller than the MacBook.

The iPad will mostly serve for checking email, playing games, and reading books. It’s 9.7 inch screen and on-screen keyboard are nice features, yet it still only runs applications the same as an iPhone.  It will definitely be more convenient, especially for older generations, who seem to fit the target market.

Some say it is too expensive (starting at $499) for its limitations; others are excited for the new toy.  What’s your take on Apple’s new gadget?

Online Ads Reveal It All With The “Power I”

Advertisements online will soon include a new icon, a little “i,” for those ads in which demographics and behavioral data are being used.

In an attempt to calm the privacy debate, the advertising industry agreed on the icon to inform consumers how information is being used.  In the past year, Congress and the Federal Trade Commission have both been vocal regarding privacy policies, stating some companies don’t make them clear or are not using data appropriately.

The Power I is being compared to the triangle symbol, which tells consumers that a product is recyclable, in hopes that the icon will become just as recognizable.  While there are no legal requirements that industry groups adopt the icon, such as online companies (Google, Yahoo, Microsoft) and traditional marketers (Procter & Gamble, General Electric), most are expected to begin running it as part of their self-regulation efforts.

The Interactive Advertising Bureau has already begun an online campaign to explain the behavioral tactic to consumers, the Power I itself, and how consumer interaction will follow.  Another phrase consumers may see is “Why did I get this ad?”

Google Search Gets More Social

After positive feedback, Google has now made their Social Search feature available to everyone (in beta), which gives users a more personal search experience by including relevant web content from friends and online contacts.

An example would be searching about information for first-time parents.  While many articles, expert opinions, and reviews will come up, your social results would include a friend’s blog with a review of a great store and/or service.  The results are relevant to your search and you know and trust the author.

Social Search will also work in Google Images, showing pictures that have been published publicly to the web from sites like Picasa Web Albums and Flickr in your social results.

Some Extra Tidbits

  • Simply translating ads into Spanish for the Hispanic market may be off-target, and studies show that measures focusing on life stages (age, marital status, children in the home) will be more efficient.
  • Privacy concerns have been raised again after news that personal friends of employees at Google, Adobe, and other companies were targeted by hackers in recent cyberattacks, pointing to a highly sophisticated operation, according to security experts.
  • You can now make notes in Google Analytics to let other users know (and remind yourself) what happened at certain times so you can explain traffic changes.
  • The minimum passing score for the Google Analytics Individual Qualification test has been raised to 80%.

By Amanda Witucki
Paid Search Staff