China VS Google Again, Apple’s Possible Deal With Bing, & More

China VS Google Again, Apple’s Possible Deal With Bing, & More

Google Has a Chance In China…If It Wants

More interesting details continue to rise in light of the China vs. Google feud, this time from inside Baidu, who used to own two-thirds of China’s online market.

The search engine giant has lost two top executives – their chief technology and chief operations officers – who have both left the company due to personal reasons.  Their exits come as Baidu’s share of the market has dropped to 58.6 percent, while Google’s has risen from 31.3 percent to 35.6 percent.

Also in the mix is China’s transition to Phoenix Nest, a new search advertising platform.  Many say it could make or break Google, especially in terms of market share, depending upon their final decision.

Apple-Bing Deal Is Becoming More Likely

The relationship between Apple’s iPhone and Google may end soon, adding another spark to their rivalry.  What’s even more intriguing is who might replace Google on the next iPhone.

Apple has been talking with Microsoft about making Bing the new default search engine, in hopes of gaining some ground on Google. It could be significant for Google, as they profit from their ads being shown next to search results, as well as improve their Android technology.  Now, we all know that users can change their settings back to Google, but we also know many people are too lazy, or just don’t know how to do that.  Apple and Microsoft have also been working together more recently by adding Exchange support to the iPhone and Mac operating system.

New Policy Adjustment for Display URLs

The Google AdWords Team has adjusted their policy regarding display URLs for sites on shared or hosted domains (like  The display URL must now match the domain URL so that users know exactly what site they’re being taken to when they click on your ad.

Here’s an example:

Destination URL:

Display URL:

Here’s a revised example, and what you should do from now on:

Destination URL:

Display URL:

Keep in mind that display URLs within each ad group must have the same domain.  Ads that do not follow the new policy will be disapproved.  Ads cannot be paused either, they must be deleted or changed.

Some Extra Tidbits

  • Gmail has always been trying to improve their algorithms for the sponsored ads that you see in your email account.  From now on, you might see ads matched to other recent emails you opened, especially in the case where they can’t categorize and fit ads to match a particular message.
  • Over the next 18 months, Microsoft will begin implementing new privacy protocols after pressure from European privacy advocates, discarding user data after six months of collection; and others, such as Google and Yahoo, are expected to follow suit in some way, shape or form.
  • Google has created a destination site for the Haiti disaster.  Make free phone calls to Haiti via Google Voice, see post-earthquake imagery, utilize the “Person Finder” app, or make donations.

By Amanda Witucki
Paid Search Staff