Yahoo And MSN Reach A Deal, Google AdWords Offers Local Business Extensions, Google Sells AOL Stock, And More

Yahoo And MSN Reach A Deal, Google AdWords Offers Local Business Extensions, Google Sells AOL Stock, And More

Yahoo/MSN Deal

Lots of buzz this week on  the big breaking news about the Yahoo / Microsoft advertising deal.  Here’s the top level, need to know summary:

  • Press Release in their own words at
  • 10 year agreement, expected to be in put in place over 24 months. Complicated endeavor, but 24 months sounds like a slow pace.
  • Bing will be the search engine technology.  No surprise there, given Bing’s success grabbing search engine market share.
  • AdCenter will be the platform for advertisers.
  • Yahoo controls the worldwide relationship sales force.
  • Yahoo retains separate display advertising platform and sales force, where they’re a major competitor.  The deal only affects search advertising.

Google location extensions for local businesses

This new feature allows you to “extend” your AdWords campaigns by dynamically attaching a business address to ads.

Local business ads will no longer be a separate ad format.

This new Twitter-based marketing company harnesses social media exposure and puts a profit value and some would say profit motive to twittering. Public Relations and Marketing professionals provide TweetROI suggested subject matter to twitter about, including tweet text and a link, and further define quality, quantity, and schedule parameters for potential Twitterers. Then Twitterers review opportunities and take up marketers on offers they’re genuinely interested in and tweet about it in their own words, deciding what subject matters to support and what not to support.

Google sells 5% stake in AOL

Google sold its 5% stake in for $283 million, which it paid $1 billion for four years ago.  Google ads will continue to run on AOL’s search engine as part of the AdWords partner search network.

Contributed byRob Sieracki, from the industry update of Jered Klima, Paid Search Manager

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  1. Cheap Charley

    I have some PPC on Yahoo and MSN I find both of their interfaces a pain in the butt compared to Adwords. I am really hoping that this will open some competition so that Adwords is not the only game in town for publishers and advertisers.

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