Industry Update for September 28, 2018

Industry Update for September 28, 2018

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Instagram New Features

Instagram is rolling out a Hashtag selector tool that will add hashtags that are not hashtags in the content when composing a post, to try and reduce excessive tagging. Users can see these hashtags below the username of the person who published the post. You will now also be able to add someone else’s highlights from their page to your Story. Quiz stickers will be rolling out – allowing users to ask a question in their Story, designate a correct answer, and users will immediately see whether they guessed the right answer. Video tagging is another new feature that adds a button to video posts that show the people that were tagged in it. Instagram is also including notifications to any Chrome browser that will be the same from the mobile app. Source: Tech Crunch

Google’s New Search

Google is launching new features including a new activity card that will launch later this year, which will surface “where you left off in searches” showing you previous pages visited and previous queries. There will be content suggestions to help you explore topics further, based on content you’ve saved and things you’ve searched for. Knowledge graphs also now have a new topic layer – built by analyzing all the content that exists on the web for a given topic. Google Feed’s new name is now called Discover. Using the new topic layer in the knowledge graph, Discover can predict your level of expertise on a topic and help you further develop those interests. Source: Search Engine Land


What you can do to improve your E-A-T

Google’s Quality Raters Guidelines state that understanding who is responsible for a site is a critical part of assessing EAT. Your Money or Your Life pages must be created by trusted authoritative experts on the topic at hand. These pages featuring user-generated content should be moderated or edited with warnings and links to reputable sources or contributions by verifiable experts on the topic and highlighted in some apparent way. For landing and product pages, this generally means that customer support and business contact information should be easy to find. For blog posts, this means that information about the author needs to be available in order to evaluate whether they are a suitable expert for the topic. Source: Search Engine Journal