Industry Update for October 5th, 2018

Industry Update for October 5th, 2018

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New Google Image Desktop Rolling Out

Google is rolling out the new image search design for desktop. The new desktop features captions below image thumbnails, the URL of the image and new filter bubbles at the top. Google will also start showing more context around images, including captions that show the title of the webpage where the image was published. Google typically uses the title tag from the page the image is found as the caption. Source: Search Engine Land

Updated Google Maps

You will now be able to see when the next train departs and exactly where a bus or train is, in real time on Google Maps, so you’ll know if it’s delayed or not. Google is also making Spotify, Apple Music and Google Play Music available within Maps so you can control your tunes and podcasts right from the navigation. With Spotify on Android, you can also choose your favorite content by browsing through songs, albums and playlists. Source: Google Blog

How to Stay on Top of SEO Changes

always track your website changes, if pages are removed, redirected or if content has been updated. There are tools you can use to be notified when changes are made to the site on-page or in the code. Make annotations in Analytics when an update is released, recommendations are implemented or a big announcement is made – like mobile indexing. This is one way that the client, the dev team and analysts share information and easily track how updates affect site traffic and rankings. Source: Search Engine Land