Industry Update for October 19th, 2018

Industry Update for October 19th, 2018

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Pinterest Introduced New Product Pins

Pinterest is making millions of pins more shoppable with links that go directly to the retailer’s product page. A shopping tag icon will indicate the item is in stock, which users can tap on, to make an immediate purchase. Users will see a new shopping recommendations section located beneath the Style and Home pins. Now that product pins are featured everywhere, they will be replacing the old ‘buyable pins’ format. Source: Search Engine Journal

Bing Ads Updated How They Track Conversions

Bing Ads have updated their conversion tracking, and conversions will now be counted based on the time of the ad click. Assists that contributed to a conversion will also be based on the time of the ad click. This change should improve the performance of ad schedule bid modifiers because they will align with the time of click as opposed to the time of the actual conversion. Sites with longer conversion windows will be affected the most by this change and may see fluctuations in reporting while the new tracking takes effect.  Source: Search Engine Journal

Google Announced Shopping Insights

Google announced a new version of Google Insights called Shopping Insights. This gives you data on what people are searching for on google, related to your products and brands. It will tell you what products and brands are popular, trending up or down and how they vary by region. There are 5,000 categories to explore and you can compare popularity of a brand within searches for a category. You can also create up to 10 weekly and monthly email reports for the product and categories you want to follow. Source: Google Blog

Facebook Cracks Down on Low Quality Ads

Facebook announced Wednesday that is expanding its efforts to reduce and remove low quality ads. They will be disallowing any ads that use sensationalized/exaggerated headlines to create a reaction but then fail to provide the response on the landing page. In general, ads using sensationalized language will see lowered distribution or may be disapproved. Facebook will also disable ads that withhold information in order to get users to view the full post. Advertisers in the media, entertainment and political/issue sectors are more likely to be impacted as they are typically categories that implement these tactics more. Source: Marketing Land


How to Boost Conversion Rates

Mike Kamo from Content Marketing Institute gives tips on boosting conversion rates. A/B Test one element at a time, either a landing page, a headline, a CTA or an image and evaluate how your competitors are utilizing CTAs and what they are offering. Use strong CTAs in every piece of content like blog posts and resource pages. Focus each page on a single next step like visiting product pages, following on social media or signing up for your email list. Present as few options as possible and focus your audience to decide what you want them to do next. Source: Content Marketing Institute

Why Optimizing for Quality Score Matters

Christi Olson shares her thoughts on why Quality Score is important and a few top tips on how to optimize quality score. She describes Quality Score as the relevance of “your keyword to the search queries, your keywords to your ad copy, your keywords to the landing page and then the landing page to the ad copy”. She emphasizes that a low quality score doesn’t mean a keyword isn’t important to your business. Rather, she stresses that a low quality score means that there is an opportunity to improve your ad relevance and therefore lower the cost by making changes to your ad copy, landing pages, and/or keywords. Source: Cristi Olson, Search Engine Journal