Industry Update for August 19, 2016

Industry Update for August 19, 2016

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Popular Redirect Plugin Comes with a Surprise Side of Spam

When it was recently discovered that popular WordPress plugin 404 to 301 added cloaked links to the code of the websites it was installed on, many webmasters are saying “this isn’t what I ordered” and sending the plugin back to the proverbial kitchen. While this is viewed a less than savory move by the plugin’s creator, they did technically inform users that this would happen in the plugin’s GNU. Source: The SEM Post

AdWords Now Allows You to Share Ad Preview Tool Results

Google has recently added a new feature to the ad preview tool in AdWords, this time a brand new button that lets users share their results with colleagues. After running the tool, the button will appear which will give you a URL you can e-mail to your friends so they can see your results. This feature should now be available for all advertisers. Source: Search Engine Roundtable

Desktop Local Pack Resembling Mobile Version in Limited Test

The relatively new Local 3-Pack in Google’s search results has been tinkered with quite a bit since it was unveiled and in the latest test, searchers on desktop have reported seeing a Local Pack that is identical to the mobile version. While this test might not suggest an imminent change, in the context of other recent tests, it does show that Google is strongly considering making a change in the way desktop results are laid out. Source: The SEM Post

Google Now Limiting Keyword Planner Queries for Data for Non-Advertisers

Following up on Google’s recent limitation for non-advertisers for detailed data in the Keyword Planner, Google is now limiting the number of queries an account can do. If a non-advertiser goes over the limit, Google will simply start showing averaged data instead. Google has yet to release any specifications for what the limit of queries may be. Source: The SEM Post

Additional Commentary

The State of Local SEO & Where to Focus Now

For better or worse, local SEO has been one of the most volatile facets of search marketing over the last few years. Luckily, local SEO expert Casey Meraz is here to help sort through the mess. Meraz starts by explaining why #1 rankings aren’t everything in local because of the myriad of ways searchers can find you. Next, he cites a recent study that shows that reviews currently have a huge impact on ranking locally. Finally, Meraz wraps it up by providing a few different strategies for earning local links. Analysis: Casey Meraz, Moz Blog

Ways Clients Can Help Their Agencies in PPC

PPC Hero Kristine Hyman shares four ways that clients can aid their agencies to help them take their PPC account to the next level. The client needs to have clear goals, like a certain CPA goal, to help give their agency direction. They also need to be responsive since the client may need to approve ad copy or provide Display ad creative. The author also notes the importance of a client providing feedback to help the agency stay proactive on the account. Lastly, the client needs to see the agency as an extension of their own internal marketing team. Analysis: Kristine Hyman, PPC Hero