Improvement Needed For Google’s Local Algorithm, Study Examines Facebook Mobile Ads, A New Look For Bing Ads, & More.

Improvement Needed For Google’s Local Algorithm, Study Examines Facebook Mobile Ads, A New Look For Bing Ads, & More.

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Google’s Local Update Needs Improving 

Last week, Google released a local search algorithm update. With the launch came less relevant results and unexpected outcomes in some instances. One big example was landing in the second spot of the local carousel when a search for [New York Hotels] was made. Google acknowledged the mistake and are working to improve the new algorithm.

Source: Search Engine Land

Study: Mobile Ads Make up 6.51% of Facebook Ads While Driving 8.35% of Clicks

In a recent study released by AdRoll it was found that click through rates of Facebook News Feed ads on desktop and mobile outperformed general web retargeting ads. It was also found that the click through rate of retargeted News Feed clicks was coming from mobile devices. This data further supports the booming growth of mobile.

Source: Marketing Land

Bing Ads Introducing New Look

Bing has announced that they will be introducing a new look to their Bing Ads web interface. The new look is a lot like Google AdWords. The Bing Ads team says that this was done intentionally, to make managing ads on both platforms more seamless. They will also be releasing a Top mover report within the Opportunities Tab. The new interface will start showing up next week.

Source: Search Engine Land

Bot And Spider Filter Added To Analytics

In an effort to provide webmasters with a cleaner traffic count, Google Analytics has announced a new feature for bot and spider filtering. The filter will exclude all traffic from any bots or spiders that are on the IAB bots and spider list. The feature is not retroactive but will be available to all users by the end of the week.

Source: Marketing Land

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Notable Commentary


17 Tips for Successful PPC Marketing on Social Sites

Melissa Mackey from Search Engine Watch has recently posted an article with a comprehensive list of the keys to success for social PPC advertising. She covers everything from LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. While she admits that social PPC will not be replacing search PPC anytime soon, it is a great supplement for advertisers.
Analysis: Melissa Mackey, Search Engine Watch

Think Less About Google

At times in SEO it seems like when we talk about search engines generally, we’re really talking about Google.  Jennifer Van Iderstyne at Search Engine Watch urges SEOs to get out of that mind set. Google has taken your web site for granted for too long. Think more about actual customer experience and value and less about how Google sees your site. Good ranking should be the by product of a valuable site for users, not the end all be all focus.

Analysis by: Jennifer Van Iderstyne, Search Engine Watch

The Rise Of Native Search

Google still dominates the search market, but they’re increasingly wary of a new trend on the horizon. More and more consumers are using native search, the search functionality within eCommerce sites, to find products rather than start from scratch on Google.  Benjamin Spiegel of Marketing Land explains the many features that make native search more appealing to consumers.

Analysis by: Benjamin Spiegel, Marketing Land